Carrying a bag knife has a many benefits. I"m no talking about concealed tools in the middle of town of in the night club, however for anyone who camps, resides in the country, hunts or fishes, climate a spicy knife is vital tool.

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A dull or blunt knife is a ache the proverbial a**. It doesn"t do the job, there"s ore possibility of slipping and cutting yourself, and it provides for a lousy experience.

Luckily, there are plenty of options if you finish up in this predicament. I"m going to display you some techniques of just how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone. All these techniques can be provided to sharpen kitchen knives too, more than likely not at home, however perfect because that on a camping foray.

You can be surprised at what you can use to sharpen a knife!


Ideally, one should be making use of a specially designed knife sharpener to sharpen your pocket knife, something prefer the Smith"s PP1 pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener or the Smith"s DCS4 4-Inch fine & coarse Diamond Combo Sharpening rock (both easily accessible on Amazon).

But what if girlfriend haven"t got one, or you left that in her jacket in ~ home? You"re in the center of nowhere and you pertained to the stark realisation that you screwed up but you still require to reduced rope or fishing line, slice some vegetables for the food preparation pot, or trim a branch to do a walking stick for your twisted ankle.

There room plenty the imaginative ideas on how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. Let"s dive in and also explore just how it deserve to be done. I"m walk to display you FIVE common items the you can use to sharpen that tactical or bag knife and also put a useable edge ago on your blade.

Seems crazy right? but if friend have accessibility to a vehicle, the optimal edge that a rolled down home window can it is in an awesome way to sharpen your knife. The optimal of a car window is rougher than the actual window part you look at through. Through honing her blade on this rough surface you"ll eliminate the unstable edges ~ above the blade that are maintaining your tongue from cutting effectively.

Check out this video from the Deer Meat because that Dinner guy, wherein he reflects you precisely how sharpen a knife in the wild.

If you room camping, you likely have a mug the you have the right to use. Merely flip the upside down and also place the on the floor or top top a secure surface wherein it"s no going to on slide around. I choose to usage a towel or cloth.

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You"ll an alert on the underside that mugs that there is a stormy edge around the rim, ns guess that"s from whereby they ar it in the over for glazing. This unglazed portion exposes the nice, rough, super tough ceramic surface.

Using the same method that is employed as soon as using a sharpening stone, operation that blade throughout the ceramic sheet of the mug. You"ll end up with a nice spicy edge on her knife, certainly an excellent enough until you obtain home and also get your genuine sharpener out of the coat pocket in the cloakroom!

Sandpaper and emery boards make an incredible knife sharpener, and also many a an initial aid kit or personal hygiene kit will have actually one (especially if you have a lady v you who likes to manicure she nails while camping