There have been times when I was without a sharpener, and also a pencil i was using ended up being dull. I tried using my knife, but that seems to break the point. Am ns doing it wrong, or is there a much better way to obtain out that the problem? i was utilizing pencils specifically because they"re erasable.

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You"re doing it wrong. Many artists I understand use a pen knife come sharpen pencils. The cheat is to only bear under on the wooden part and cut along a shallow angle. To finish the graphite point, use exceptionally light pressure.

How come sharpen a pencil with a knife


I don"t carry a knife. I have frequently been drawing/sketching while in a park or ~ above a city bench close to a curbside and also I have uncovered the stormy pavement and/or concrete ~ above the ground functions well in a pinch (on those occasions once I don"t have actually my sharpener with me). You"re not going to get a perfect sharp tip, yet it will eliminate the wood enough to get more of the graphite out and accessible for continued use.

Similar, if girlfriend are close to a brick building, you can use the mortar in the joints in between the bricks together it offers a nice channel because that the pencil to shimmy through.


I choose to usage an emory board to sharpen or form a illustration pencil. Ns don"t intend it would work-related well for starting from scrape ; ) through a brand-new pencil, yet works fine otherwise.


It is actually easier to sharpen a pencil with a box-cutter 보다 a pocket knife (it is sharper, for this reason you need to apply less pressure, which allows you come have more control end what and also how you are cutting). Since using a knife for sharpening takes part practice, it might be a good idea to usage a box-cutter till you get used to it.

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Another alternative is to use a mechanical pencil rather - no need for sharpening.

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