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Spanish Slang because that Cool

The indigenous cool in English is one adjective because that temperature, yet colloquially is difficult to define. The is so an overwhelming to uncover a formal meaning that a team of medical researchers lead by a psychologist that the college of Rochester Medical center conducted the study Coolness: an Empirical Investigation. In the research they uncovered that “being cool” to be “focused on positive, socially desirable traits, such as friendly, competent, trendy and also attractive.”

Cool is also an interjection because that “excellent” and also it is additionally used to express accept or agreement.

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Spanish has equivalents because that “cool” and also they vary amongst countries. Here I have grouped a couple of examples from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and also Venezuela. The most typical Spanish slang words for cool room bacán, bacano and chévere.

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Spanish Slang for Cool in Argentina

1. Bárbaro

2. Canchero

3. Copado

4. Es una masa

5. Joya

6. PiolaIn enhancement to “cool,” this word also can be supplied in three an ext ways: 1) with it, top top the ball, clever, astute. 2) nice, friendly. 4) calm, relaxed, stay in control.

7. Sos un fenómenoUse this expression to compliment an additional person definition “You are great!” or “You space cool!”

8. Zarpado

Source: speak Argento: A overview to Spanish indigenous Argentina by Jared Romey

Spanish Slang for Cool in Chile

1. A todo cachete

2. Bacán

3. Buena onda

4. Buena telaMeans “cool, an excellent vibes” and describes one of two people a instance or a person

5. Cachilupi

6. Chori

7. Cototo or cototudoThis word alters its definition depending top top the context: deserve to be “cool, interesting, nice” or the contrary “hard, difficult”

8. Descueve

9. EntreteThis word comes from the abbreviation of words entretenido.

10. Filete

11. Grosso or groso

12. Hevy

13. La cagóAnother word with twin meanings: 1) awesome, sweet, cool, fine done or 2) crap, poorly done.

14. La muerte

15. Mortal

16. Pulento

17. ¡qué chori!

18. ¡qué top! or topísimo

Source: speak Chileno: A overview to Spanish from Chile by Jared Romey

Spanish Slang because that Cool in Colombia

1. Bacano

2. Chévere

3. Chimba

4. Chusco

5. Cuca

6. CuloThis word literally method “ass” and is often used in the Caribbean coastline of Colombia for “something cool or nice”

7. Nota

8. Play

Source: rapid Guide come Colombian Spanish

Spanish Slang for Cool in Costa Rica

1. Buena nota

2. BuenazoThis native is only supplied in referral to things.

3. Carga

4. ChivaThis indigenous is only supplied in reference to things.

5. Está legal

6. Estallada

7. Legal

8. MilitarIn addition to “cool,” this word likewise is offered to describe a free-spirited person.

9. Pichudo

10. Pura vidaPura vida is prefer the trademark word because that Costa Rica that and used in various ways choose “cool, good, excellent, awesome” or also to to speak “How the going?” check out our full write-up Pura Vida: The most crucial phrase in Costa Rica.

11. TejaTeja is also commonly offered as a denomination for 100, for example “one hundred Colones (Costa Rican currency)” or “one hundreds years”

12. Tuanes

Source: diccionario de Palabrotas y Coloquialismos Ticos: dictionary of Costa Rican Slang through José Antonio González Ugalde

Spanish Slang because that Cool in Dominican Republic

1. ápero

2. Bacán or bacano

3. Chulo

4. Jevi

5. Ratatá

Source: fast Guide to Dominican Spanish

Spanish Slang because that Cool in Mexico

1. Chido or chida

2. ChingónThis word deserve to be use in a confident way meaning “cool as shit, awesome together hell” and also to make reference to a man with good skills. The third an interpretation is not positive due to the fact that it can be a sneaky human that waits because that someone rather to do the job and then takes the credit.

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3. Conmadre

4. Padre, padrídismo or ¡qué padre!

5. Que poca madreThis is one of those indigenous that, relying on the context, the meanings are totally opposite: “that’s awesome, cool” or “that sucks, damn” together an expression of disapproval or disappointed

6. Suave

Source: rapid Guide to mexican Spanish and Quick guide to an ext Mexican Spanish

Spanish Slang for Cool in Peru

1. Paja

2. Bacán

3. Chévere

4. Maldito

Source: fast Guide to Peruvian Spanish and ¿Quién me llama?: find out Peruvian Spanish Slang through Daniel McKay

Spanish Slang because that Cool in Puerto Rico

1. BrutalThis word deserve to be provided in 2 forms: because that example: El concierto estuvo brutal meaning “cool, awesome” or El examen estuvo brutal. “too strong, as well difficult”

2. Chévere

3. Fino

4. GufeaoAlso spelled gufiao. This word originates from the English “goofy”

5. Hevy

6. Nítido

Source: speaking Boricua: A guide to Puerto Rico Spanish through Jared Romey

Spanish Slang for Cool in Spain

1. Chulo

2. De puta madre

3. Flaman

4. Guay

5. Mola

6. ¡qué caña!

7. ¡qué pasada!

Source: El español de la calle: Vocabulario coloquial through María Arnaldis

Spanish Slang because that Cool in Venezuela

1. CartelúoUse in referral to things favor for example, miscellaneous that has actually a an excellent quality, a good shape or looks, the is also applied to any pleasant situation

2. Chévere

3. De pinga

4. Fino

5. Nota or ¡qué nota!

Source: rapid Guide come Venezuelan Spanish and Quick overview to an ext Venezuelan Spanish

Spanish Slang for Cool in various other Countries

1. Chivo: El Salvador

2. Prity: Panama

3. Purete: Paraguay

4. ¡qué fresa!: Honduras

5. Tuanis: Honduras

6. Virgo: Guatemala

Source: diccionario de Americanismos by Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española

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