Lets to speak you have actually a 2 3 inch lines. One is all red and also the various other is 48% red and 52% blue. Walk that typical there"s a 50-50 chance they"re both red or is the second line corresponding the every red heat by 48%?


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Kah Tarrrrrr NaEmphasising the "Tarrrrrrr"Anyone who claims "Kah Tah Na" through only short sharp noises is wrong.

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I dont treatment if lock are allowed to donate , however I think us should have actually an choice to refuse happy blood if we need to receive blood.
Kah Tarrrrrr NaEmphasising the "Tarrrrrrr"Anyone who says "Kah Tah Na" through only brief sharp noises is wrong.
Do you also know what you"re talking about? ... Http://www.saiga-jp.com/dic/sound/g2/e58880_katana.wav anyway here"s the proper means to express it.
Also, in Japanese you can"t really use consonants favor you would in english. "Kat" as such simply doesn"t also exist in Japanese. Their "alphabet" constantly consists of a consonant+vowel sound, through the exemption of the often transcribed together "n" sound. Because of this it"s ka - ta - na. There"s no real focus like in english, prefer I hear a many of human being say ka-taaaah-na, emphasizing the tah. Just speak every sound the same.
Australian?Kah-TAH-nahor Kuh-TAH-nah (Kah-TAR-nar?)I think the Aussie or Kiwi Rs perform something type of difficult to describe to pronunciation. I view Manga, and also I think, Mah-n-gah, however an Aussie friend claims Mun-grr. The sounds really odd to me.
theres no "r" nor "h" in katana >.r differently than Americans, i beg your pardon is most likely why the OP consisted of rs in the vote options.
kah-tah-nah, as with the othersWhere are the "r"s comes from?and have the right to i ask exactly how katanas were brought up in the conversation?
Kah Tarrrrrr NaEmphasising the "Tarrrrrrr"Anyone who claims "Kah Tah Na" v only quick sharp noises is wrong.

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What space you talk about? This is a Japanese indigenous it"s damaged up Ka-Ta-Na the "A"s" are pronounced choose "Ah" for this reason KAH-TAH-NAH it"s really that simple.
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