Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and exciting and even more so in a new language!If you desire to know how to to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic paragraph in Irish, then check out on.

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How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Irish

There are actually numerous different ways to tell someone the you love them in Irish.EnglishIrishPronunciationI love youIs breá liom túIss braw lum tooI to be in love through youTá mé ns ngrá leatTah may ih ngraw lyetI love youTá grá agam duitTah grah uh-gum ditchI love you/you are my loveMo grá thúMow grah hoo
Check the end the listed below videos i m sorry cover the pronunciation of several of these phrases.For ‘tá mé ns ngrá leat’ clock this one:

Romantic phrases in Irish

Try these various other romantic phrases and also terms the endearment including exactly how to speak ‘I miss you’ in Irish.EnglishIrishPronunciationI love girlfriend tooTá grá agam duit freisinTah grah uh-gum ditch fresh-inI miss youCronaím thúKro-neem hooMy loveMo ghrá Mo ghrawMy heartMo chroíMo khreeYou room beautifulTá tú walk h-álainnTaw too guh haw-linMy darlingMo chuisleMoh khoosh-lehYou room my sweetheartIs tú mo stóirínIss too mu stor-eenWill girlfriend marry me?An bpósfaidh tú mé?On bo-sii as well may
Another good phrase you can use is ‘tá mo chroí istigh ionat’ i beg your pardon is pronounced together ‘tah mow khree ish-tig un-at’. This phrase literally way ‘my heart is in you’ however actually method something along the currently of ‘you room dear to mine heart’. 

Check the end the below video to hear the together of some Irish love phrases:
These phrases should come in handy whether you’ve got a love attention from Ireland who speaks ireland or whether you’re simply visiting and also want to be prepared. Why not also learn how to speak ‘how are you?’ in Irish? You’ll require this essential phrase in too many of different situations.Related posts:

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