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How carry out you say “I don’t care” in French? Well, surprisingly, there are a few ways you deserve to say that expression to denote varying degrees of indifference.

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I’m going to start with the many polite or harmless means to show indifference. Together the perform progresses, we’ll show outright rude ways to essentially say, “I don’t offer a f***.”

Polite Indifference

Ça m’est égal saw mayt-aygal> is just one of the finest ways to display indifference without coming turn off in a harsh manner. It equates to “it’s same to me.”

Essentially indicating that both options are valid options and friend don’t yes, really mind i m sorry one is chosen.

Peu importe is a succinct way to to speak “I don’t care.” The literal translation turns into “of little importance.”

Je me fiche is a an ext colloquial and popular method to display you don’t care. This is just one of my an individual favorites.

And finally, je m’en moque is a bit an ext dated method to say “I don’t care.” however it’s still teach in French class.

Beginner adjustment:

If you want to interpret the “I don’t care,” to something like “you don’t care,” girlfriend would require to adjust the subject pronoun (je), the reflex indicator (me) and the verb conjugation itself.

For example:

Je m’en fiche → I don’t careTu t’en fichesYou don’t care

Advanced adjustment:

Another grammatical keep in mind is the “en” to represent what you don’t treatment about. A full sentence would certainly be, je me fiche de ce qu’ils disent → i don’t care about what castle say.

Shortened, this is je m’en fiche → i don’t care about it, wherein “en” replaces the phrase and is placed appropriately in the sentence.

Rude Indifference

So, what are some much more rude or vulgar methods of saying “I don’t care” in French?

One the the an initial expressions ns learned was je m’en fous. It’s the standard English way of saying, “I don’t offer a fuck.” Although, the severity the the f-bomb here isn’t fairly as harsh together it is in English… it’s tho pretty bad.

Stemming from the is another expression: j’en ai rien à foutre. This also method “I don’t offer a fuck.” and also for part reason, girlfriend hear this in song a lot.

Check out this write-up if you require more an innovative ways on how to fall the f-bomb in French.

Je m’en bats les couilles has come to be a hugely well-known expression. In literal meaning terms, this way “I slap my balls on it.”

And I know you’re wondering… yes ladies, you have the right to use this phrase too.

The English translation could be finest aligned to, “I don’t offer a shit” or “I don’t give a damn.”

Je m’en branle, this literally method “I’m masturbating over it.” because what’s an ext French than putting that picture in someone’s mind?

And lastly, je m’en balek is one more vulgar way of showing indifference for the younger crowd.

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There are several other means of saying you don’t treatment in French. But I decided to share this nine together they are the most commonly used in French speech.

If girlfriend have any type of extra ways to say i don’t treatment then feel complimentary to share lock below. Ns care around your comments