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Q: ns am walk to be a grandmother for the an initial time. Ns am component Cherokee and would like my granddaughter-to-be to speak to me by the Cherokee word for Grandmother, but I don"t recognize what it is. Can you help me?A: Congratulations! The Cherokee language has various words for paternal and maternal grandparents. Therefore traditionally, if this was your daughter"s baby she would call you Elisi (pronounced comparable to ay-lee-see), and also if it was her son"s baby she would call you Enisi (ay-nee-see.)Today though, many Cherokee world have provided up this distinction and use Elisi to attend to any grandmother.Hope that helps, have a good day!Native languages of the AmericasFurther reading:Native American translationsCherokee namesCherokee children page
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Native languages of the AmericasWelcome come our blog! native Languages of the ameri is a small non-profit organizationdedicated to preserving and promoting native languages that the Americas, an especially through the usage of web technology. Us make small grants to indigenous language preservation projects, and also we produce Internet and classroom resources to support language learning programs. Let us know how we can assist your community"s language tasks today!We are using this blog for a question and answer forum to publicly respond to selected concerns that have been submitted to us. Return we have speakers and also learners of much more than 40 different Native American language in our organization, we do not recognize everything and also we welcome enhancements and corrections. Wado, miigwech, pilamaya ye, and also thanks to all!Native American languagesNative American artNative American genealogyNative Americans for kidsView my complete profile