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Q. I am wondering whether any type of other leader could assist me with softening ‘stiff’ material. Ns purchased part 65% polyester 35% noodle yesterday to do a pair of dresses. I was assured through the sales assistant the my concerns over the stiffness that the product would be allayed by washing and also that the was simply a ‘dressing’ that stayed on the material. Ns washed both pieces v normal liquid and then a cloth conditioner and hung to dry. Alas there is no change. Ns made one dress up and also it feels choose wearing cardboard. What can I do? Is over there a common household solution? many thanks –Natasha

A. Asuggestion for making material softer. Use your dryer rather of hanging it come dry. The "tumbling" activity in the dryer can soften plenty of fabrics. Cathie

A. Put 1/2 cup salt in the to wash water. Or try 1/2 cup vinegar. The salt typically works.

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A. This may not it is in frugal, but try running the thru a dryer. I hang clothes outside in the summer therefore I deserve to have that crispness, yet even towels are choose cardboard if they perform not go thru the dryer. This may be the exact same thing through your poly/cotton. –Good happiness! faroe


A. When I leave points out come air dried they constantly end up stiff. So now I put them in the dryer as soon as they are virtually dry (on low or fluff) this has actually helped soften them up. Mindful not to usage to much warmth when girlfriend dry,this will progressively dull the colors.

A. This shouldn’t occur after you have both washed and used cloth softener. I would first take the article back to wherein you purchase the material and ask because that a refund. If they refuse, get the surname of the cloth manufacturer, write them and also explain fully what you provided on the fabric. Be sure to include a swatch that the towel as proof. I have uncovered that contacting many companies evaluate hearing from a consumer if there is a problem. Much more likely 보다 not, lock will change it.

A. To help soften stiff material, run it through the washing an equipment (warm wash/cold rinse), utilizing 1 cup that nonfat dry milk in place of her usual soap. Then usage the apparel dryer come dry. My mommy was allergic to the chemicals the kept apparel looking pretty on the store racks, and her dermatologist gave her this advice plenty of years ago.

A. Some towel manufacturers get carried away through the sizing. Together a expert historical clothier I have ran right into this numerous times. Ns have uncovered that including a good amount of white vinegar come the the fill you to wash it in will not only help set any dyes that may run, yet will additionally remove any and all sizing. Be mindful however that if the towel is shiny that may also remove the shine. Also hanging it out to dry on a really windy day also helps ease up the fabric.

A. I have softened towel in the past by adding about 1/2 to 1 cup that white vinegar to the very first rinse water.

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