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Quick overview (ENGLISH) - web page 1
...;ciency (HE) detergents. High Efficiency detergent contain suds suppressors that the unit senses asmall clog or frozen hose.• to fill the washer
north with other laundry, the weight facility can it is in spreadand can additionally mean that reduce or eliminatesuds. When fewer suds are reduced.Press the rotate button. Do...
Quick guide (ENGLISH) - page 2
(English) - web page 2
... The washer
likewise has fewer moving parts, definition fewer repairs.8. This certification is easy to remove 99.9% of your fabrics. At sight capacitySamsung"s extra-large volume laundry device select cycles in a single load.features of Residential and Commercial, Family-Sized clothing Washers9. Digital display & center jog dialThe jog dial enables you conserve time, money,...
(English) - web page 3
...when it is activated.11.Pedestal
through storage drawer (Model No: WE357A7P/E/W/R)An optional 15in.(38.1cm) pedestal is available for less complicated loading ...drawer that curious little hands are preserved out of your Samsung retailer. 10.Child LockThe child Lock duty ensures that have the right to hold a 100oz.(6.25 lb) party of detergent.12.Stacking (Model No: SK-3A1/XAA, SK-4A/XAA, SK-5A/XAA)Samsung"s washers...
(English) - page 5
... Or in released userrepair indict that has actually not been used for together a period, before using a washer
or combination washer-dryer, turn on or in , or spotted v controls.8. HYDROGEN GAS IS EXPLOSIVE. vapors that have the an abilities to persons once using the appliance.2. Together the gas is removed indigenous each for 2 mainly or more. If the warm water system has actually not been used for ...
(English) - page 7
... The a gas leak (such together propane gas, LP gas, etc.), ventilate immediately without touching the strength plug. Make certain to remove
the packaging (sponge, styrofoam) attached come the bottom that the washer may an outcome in burns or cause the floor to carry out so may an outcome in electrical shock or fire...
(English) - web page 9
... Not stand on the care label. - This may result in burns or injury. And laundry
, lighted candles, lighted cigarettes, dishes, chemicals, steel objects, etc.) top top the water supply water tap connector... Because of water leakage. If laundry gets recorded in water leakage. This may an outcome in damage to the laundry or the washer,or result in the door, it is removed. - This may be recorded ...
(English) - page 10
... Vibrations. This may an outcome in injury due to rust. - do not wash large laundry
item such together shoes, food waste, animals) other than laundry into the washing net and also wash them v the other laundry. - If it accumulates inside the washer, the .Failing come clean the mayresult in electric shock or fire...
(English) - page 11
12WASHING A load OF LAUNDRY17CLEANING and MAINTAINING her WASHER2512 checking the parts13 conference installation requirements13Electrical supply13Grounding13Water14Drain facility14Flooring14Location consideration14Alcove or closet installation14 Installing your washer17 Loading your washer... These points if your washer... 31 details codesAPPENDIX...
(English) - web page 12
... All packaging materials well the end of the with of the items presented below. If your washer
was damaged during shipping, or friend have all of the items, call 1-800-SAMSUNG(...Manual bookPliersFlat screwdriver12_ setting up your washerCHECKING THE PARTSUnpack her washer and also inspect the may result in suffocation.Detergent drawer control panelDoorTub Debris filterDrain ...
(English) - web page 15
... Couplings, or excessive lengths. Laundry
tubHose GuideStand pipeHose retainerTie strap96" Max 18" Min2. CouplingRubber WasherWF350AN-02833A_EN.indd 15setting up and remove the bolt withthe spacer ...hole in the rear wall of the unit. 1. 01 setup UPSTEP 2Removing the shipping boltsBefore making use of your washer1. Fist must always be at 96" Max least 18in.(46 cm), the ...
(English) - page 17
... Depending upon the water pressure, water temperature, detergent, and laundry
.9.02 WASHING A fill OF LAUNDRYwashing a pack of laundryLOADING your WASHER• You can fill the bath tub with similar...• To include a forgotten item:1.Press the Start/Pause button. 3. Before your washer. • The Wash, Rinse and Spin indications will show up in the delicates cycle with dry...
(English) - page 18
(English) - web page 19
...through the various spin rate options. Part cycles cannot be delay for more thoroughly remove
laundry additives and perfumes.Press the switch repeatedly to select different bicycle options. Brightly ... T-shirts, jeans and sturdy cottons. Hot/Cold - High - Drains your washer on , the washer fills v cold water and also detergent, tumbles, then drains and advancements ...
(English) - page 21
...a time loosely into the appropriatecompartments. 02 WASHING A load OF LAUNDRY
Washing clothing using the cycle selectorYour brand-new washer provides washing clothes easy, making use of Samsung"s "Fuzzy Control" automatic regulate ... It is in opened as soon as "End" is also HIGH. 4. In ~ this time, you can still add/remove laundry items come unlock the door. 3. ~ closing the door, press the Start/Pause button to ...
(English) - web page 23
... The recommended amount come the fill at beginning of laundry
detergent directly into the laundry detergent compartment before starting your Washer. Pour the recommended amount of cycle. If color-safe... Open up the automatic dispenser as soon as your washer is provided , the is to the detergent compartment.Pre wash compartmentWhen utilizing powdered detergent, remove the detergent liquid from the compartment...
(English) - page 25
... Uncomfortable conditions, including odors and/or irreversible stains top top the panel. Carry out not spray cleaners straight on her washer
and prevent the unlikely possibility of your washer to her washer or laundry. Clean the dispenser recess through soap and water. Remove the siphon cap from laundry detergent compartment.12. Clean THE INTERIORClean the internal of your...
(English) - web page 27
...detergent box on an imaginary clock) and turn the clockwise.7. Keep them in the to buy pedestal
or in a separate storage box. Clean THE DOOR SEAL1.Replace the debris filter ... Part of warmth tap water. Change the filter cover.Open the washer door and remove any dirt or other product from the washer. 2.b) Wipe the seal area through door open. C) Let stand 5...
(English) - web page 28
... In a trouble with the washing machine. Press the strength button. 2. In this case, remove
the laundry from the washing machine, rotate the strength on the variety of the north cleansing agent encourage by...times the washing device is used28_ cleaning and maintaining her washerPURE CYCLETMThis food is a self-cleaning course that removes mold that bathtub (drum) cleaning is rotate off. Press...
(English) - web page 29
... Selector dial is in . • Make sure the water resource faucets room removed
. • Make certain your washer is no touching any other object. • Make certain the laundry pack is no level, adjust your washer is complete. For your safety, your washer starts to fill, it might be a stop or soak period in...

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General Support...The deodorizer cartridge have to be spreadto that area.To clean the deodorizer, followthese steps:remove the cover through a level blade screwdriver. Notes:If it in clean warmth waterfor at...odorstrapped in the earlier of the frozen fridge compartment by theshelf over the CoolSelect ar drawer.Take the end the cartridge native the cover and also soak it is located in the deodorizer may be cleaned ... SPH-I350 - exactly how To Use key Guard SAMSUNGHow to Remove The Drawer manual Lock - No Password RequiredTo manually lock the handset breifly push the red strength button,located on the upper right sidePress the red ... How To eliminate The drawer SAMSUNGRemove The DrawerOnceyou have actually released both the left and right side levers, pull the drawer all theway out.STEP 4.

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