We purchase quite a bit of dentist gold and also many world ask exactly how they deserve to remove tooth issue or porcelain fused to yellow teeth before they send the in, below is one such inquiry and my reply detailing just how it can be done.

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Inquiry / Question:I have actually a pair gold teeth that I had actually removed, lock still have actually some enamel or porcelain ~ above them, I want to market my gold teeth but I don’t know exactly how to remove the old porcelain indigenous the gold. My concern is just how does one eliminate porcelain unify to gold teeth?

Answer / Reply:

We have actually purchased a great deal of dentist gold end the years and the enamel or porcelain supplied to make false this have an extremely high melt temperature which prevents the melt of the metals so we required to build something the eliminates the bulk of the porcelain prior to we could put it into the furnace for melting.

There are acid baths that will certainly eat far the porcelain and not dissolve the gold however these are dangerous, time consuming and also expensive. On the advice of an old well endure colleague of psychic he proved me a basic, for sure inexpensive way to get rid of the mass of porcelain and tooth matter in an effective way.

The machine is what I prefer to speak to the pulverizer, it is usually a piston/hammer kind machine similar to one supplied in the steel working arena typically called a pneumatic forging hammer. (See details below on just how you have the right to do this by hand in ~ home.)


Removing Porcelain From yellow Teeth

Obviously you most likely will not have accessibility to such a device but you deserve to achieve comparable results making use of a continual hammer. The bigger hammer friend use, the faster your results will be. A cement floor or pad, driveway or road will do. (cement is far better as it’s harder)

* I want to take it this possibility to warn anyone who is trying this come wear the suitable safety apparel including eye safety glasses. *

What I have done is location the gold teeth, yellow fillings or leg on a difficult surface such together a cement floor, covering the items with a item of cardboard (when they are smashed with the hammer of the broken porcelain will certainly stick in the cardboard to it is in disposed the latter.) currently cover the cardboard with item of functional plastic ( I use a cheap functional cutting board purchased in ~ the disagreement store.) If you don’t have a item of plastic special cardboard will certainly do.

Now that every little thing is spanned up hit the area where the yellow teeth, fillings or bridge is under your coverings, if you use a larger hammer such together a 3 lb sledge it will certainly break the porcelain or tooth issue quicker yet a consistent hammer will work however you will have to strike that more.

The reason this functions to rest up the porcelain and tooth issue is the they room both fairly brittle and will shatter into pieces and also powder. The remaining material will be cost-free enough indigenous the unwanted material so it can be weighed and eventually melted easier. That is quite interesting to check out the staying gold from the teeth, filling or bridges, it will certainly be rather flattened and actually warmth after it has been hit due to the malleable nature of gold.

Again, I deserve to not emphasize this solid enough, whereby the suitable safety protection, if you room unsure carry out not do this at home.

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If you have actually dental yellow you’d choose to sell examine out our web page on marketing your dental gold, we’re constantly happy to provide you through a quote on her items! Of food if you’re not interested in removed the tooth matter or porcelain yourself you can send that in ‘as is’ and also we will perform that because that you.