Sure, it"s messy and time-consuming, however removing repaint from wood deserve to be an extremely satisfying project. Follow our tutorial, and also you"ll it is in stripping paint like a pro.

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Step 6: acquire into Those Hard-to-Reach Places

After girlfriend have operated section by section removing every the repaint from the flat portions of the wood, it’s time to deal with any raised or recessed areas (for example, in moldings). Spread the stripper top top the wood again and wait at the very least 20 minutes, yet this time scrape through a wire brush or steel wool to accessibility those hard-to-reach crests and depressions.

For large and fairly flat projects, you can affix a metal brush to her cordless drill to rate up the process. Take care not to scrape as well hard, which have the right to leave scratches top top the wood.

Step 7: Wash and also Sand the lumber to a Clean Finish

It could feel like you’re done as soon as you’ve stripped those thick layers the paint. However this last step really is critical. “Final sanding and washing of lumber helps to ensure the hardwood is totally free of loosened materials, such together dirt and debris,” says Villar. In addition, sanding gives the wood a continuous surface because that accepting paint or stain. “Although labor-intensive , these steps are an important to ensuring the success the your timber project,” Villar adds.


Before sanding, to wash the wood with a clean, water-soaked rag, climate sand under the whole surface. If girlfriend have access to a strength sander, you can use it come make faster work the sanding the broad, level sections, but you should still manually sand any kind of fragile or carved parts the the piece.

Wipe the wood again to remove any particles or debris left native sanding. If friend aren’t prepared to paint, wipe the wood surface again through a barely damp cloth just prior to adding new paint. This removes any type of sanded particles or various other debris that can have cleared up back top top the wood. Villar suggests DIYers pay attention to how the hardwood feels ~ above that final wipedown. “The surface should feel neither also rough (such as splinters grabbing the cloth) nor also slick,” Villar says. You should see no residue while relocating your hand over your nicely sanded wood, and the surface need to be clean and also dry before painting.

All-Natural means to Remove repaint from Wood

Chemical strippers deserve to make fast work of paint removal, but you can strip timber using an ext natural methods. Heat, press washing, citrus-based removers, and even vinegar are just a couple of choices, depending upon the surface size and how many layers the paint have to be removed.

Heat Guns

A heat gun can assist “melt” repaint so it is easier to strip away. Heat firearms are more secure than blow torches however still can reason accidental combustion or magnify vapors that are unpleasant and even harmful. When using the warmth gun, relocate it earlier and forth in a scan motion; don’t emphasis too long on a single spot.

Once the repaint softens, use an angled scraper to peel the old paint away. Store the heat around 2 inches far from the surface ar to avoid burning the wood, and also keep a fire extinguisher handy, simply in case.



With its acidic properties, vinegar is a versatile household staple and also a potential repaint remover. Heat a small amount that distilled vinegar and around twice as lot water in a pan on the oven or in the microwave. Place a clean noodle rag right into the container come soak increase the warmth vinegar, and also then dab the on the surface.

Wait as much as 15 minutes and shot scraping the paint off. If it won’t budge, try applying the vinegar again and waiting 10 to 15 minutes.


For fine repaint layers, particularly where paint already is cracked or peeling, you might be able to scrape the repaint off there is no chemicals or heat. Plastic scrapers are less likely to mar the surface and also are inexpensive, yet scrapers with brass knives can far better handle challenging jobs.

Always scrape in the exact same direction together the wood grain when applying force to eliminate paint. Once doing lighter scraping, go versus the hardwood grain to get any remaining repaint chips, however keep pressure light.


Sanding regularly can grind away repaint for little or big jobs. For little jobs, usage a strip of sandpaper and reach conveniently into crevices. For huge jobs, obtain out the strength sander. Simply be certain to connect or have actually a friend host a vacuum to capture dust as soon as sanding wood indoors.

Depending top top the thickness that paint, begin with a coarse record (about 80 grit) and also switch to medium or fine grits for later steps, using a good (around 220) for the finishing step.

Pressure Washers

You can save time on large and out surfaces through a press washer. It is feasible to usage a press washer to remove paint, but it needs to be a really strong pressure—about 2,500 to 3,000 psi—to piece peeling paint. Be certain to wear security glasses and wash in addition to the grain in a consistent motion. Pressure washers can damage wood, especially hardwood siding.


Few DIYers have actually heavy-duty push washers, yet you deserve to make rapid work of last cleanup with a pressure wash in ~ 1,200 to 2,000 psi.

Citrus-Based Removers

Citrus-based paint strippers have actually organic compounds dubbed terpenes acquired from plains. Citrus strippers are nontoxic and biodegradable, but they carry out contain part chemicals. However, the more natural strippers smell choose oranges rather of hazardous fumes.

Shake the container, pour the stripper into a container, and apply the systems with a paintbrush. Allow 30 minute (and up to 24 hours) prior to scraping. You have the right to leave the stripper ~ above overnight if girlfriend cover the surface ar with plastic. Purchase citrus-based strippers ~ above Amazon or at your local home development center or hardware store.

FAQ about Removing paint from Wood

What family items deserve to remove repaint from wood?

That kitchen staple—vinegar—can remove paint from wood in countless instances. If you don’t have actually a repaint scraper, shot a plastic pot scraper instead, especially for tiny jobs. Steamers can soften paint, however their moisture can warp wood, so their usage is no a good idea.

How do you eliminate oil-based paint from wood?

Caustic strippers work-related well in ~ removing oil-based paint from masonry, and can work on wood. However, the strippers deserve to blacken some hardwoods prefer maple. Special oil-based paint strippers space effective, but most save VOCs and require many of security precautions, particularly when used indoors.

What can I usage to piece stain off wood?

Strip stain from hardwood is a small tougher 보다 removing paint. Wood absorbs stain. Removed stain starts v removing any type of varnish layer using a chemistry stain stripper. Use a thick layer of stripper v a brush and follow numerous of the same steps as for paint removal—scraping an initial and climate wiping the surface with stole wool. Sand once dry.

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How execute you remove repaint strippers native wood?

Be sure to remove repaint stripper from wood once the paint has bubbled up. Attempting to scrape it off also soon might lead to reapplying stripper. Wait as well long and the stripper hardens.