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I can"t number out how to eliminate my stereo... I"ve done all the measures so much in the post on exactly how to remove the share stereo but I am trying to remove my Pioneer DEH-P500mp stereotype to solve the warped box underneath. I am yes, really stuck guys, ns don’t recognize what measures to take it next! please Help. -Aaron



The gray metal box neighboring the headunit... It has tabs that space bent outwards to host it in the facility console. Placed a tiny screwdriver in between the plastic and also gray box, and bend lock flat.
You can shot to usage a screwdriver but personally i wouldnt do it, to buy the secrets so friend dont need to keep bending the tabs.EDIT: These room what you need
- mine Log- SoCal T-I Canyon RunsIf Acura ever before decides come go looking for its soul, it"s below in mine parking spot.
You know,i worked at a radio shop and also i have like 10 of castle in mine toolbox. I can mail part to girlfriend if you want. Afternoon me. I additionally have other keys for all kines of various other radio"s.
Its no too tough to do.. Considering thef steal them favor nothing making use of same methods or just pulling the end the whole deck..
Im interested in using the Zip Ties as I have some laying around. Deserve to anyone walk me through where to insert them in the deck and how to traction it out? thanks for the details guys! -Aaron
If girlfriend don"t desire to invest money purchase the can just put ur hand in the bag under your headunit, press up, and also bring the entirety unit out.I think that would certainly be much easier to solve your warped pocket also if the was out of the car.Just my 0.02
If girlfriend don"t want to spend money purchase the might just put ur hand in the pocket under your headunit, press up, and bring the totality unit out.I think that would certainly be easier to settle your warped pocket too if it was the end of the car.Just mine 0.02
X2i cant think anyone no say this yet....the plastic piece demands to come the end for friend to deal with the bending so why not rip the end the whole twin din piece
I not know just how the bag unit is collection up, yet I am willing to bet that if you shot using the method, the tabs top top the pocket would break about the stereo due to the fact that the plastic wont have the ability to flex with the HU within deeming the useless.
do you understand whats behind it? the if that is screwed ago there then it can be a small difficult. Just get the keys.
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