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Honda"s FourTrax Foreman 4x4 does that all. The standard-setter once it comes to work, this model can likewise be discovered delivering hours of fun once the workday is finished. Obtainable in 3 iterations—a typical version, another that adds electric Power Steering and also a third that functions both EPS and also Electric Shifting—the Foreman is it is provided by a 518cc engine that delivers solid acceleration and powerful towing muscle thanks to its low- and midrange power. ~ above the electric-shift-equipped model, an easy-to-access and also -operate reverse gear makes rapid work of any type of task that requires regular backing up. The swingarm-style rear suspension is durable, simple to maintain and also allows more comfortable towing (the hitch is swingarm-mounted). A practically rack system gives modular alternatives with Honda Pro-Connect optional accessories, too.

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518cc engine through updated mapping provides solid power and also torque whereby it"s supplied most—in the short end and midrange—for rapid acceleration, strong ascending and also excellent hauling and towing.Electric Shift-equipped Foreman models have actually a basic reverse-gear mechanism that provides shifting to reverse a one-lever, completely electric operation that is quick and easy for all hand sizes. This procedure is an especially helpful for work-related such together plowing snow, when consistent shifting between forward and reverse is required.Electric Shift-equipped Foreman models have a transition map the monitors engine rpm in actual time during shifting, not just prior to the shift, to deliver smooth transitions from equipment to gear.The programmed fuel injection system provides clean, responsive power delivery and an excellent fuel efficiency.Though larger in displacement, the engine is still compact, v a low elevation that help centralize mass for optimum handling, and also a small width that enables for a comfortable driver compartment.Honda TraxLok® 2WD/4WD enables both 2WD and 4WD riding with the flip of an electronic switch; 4WD v locking front differential, likewise engaged electronically, maximizes traction over very rough terrain.Speed Override setting in TraxLok 2WD/4WD delivers improved performance in deep mud and also other extreme terrain, by permitting faster wheel speed with former differential locked.848 lb. Towing capacity.Strong AC generator produces enough power come run electrical accessories.California models comply with environment-friendly Sticker requirements for year-round legal usage at publicly off-road riding areas.


Double-cradle steel structure engineered because that optimal balance that stiffness, compliance and also torsional rigidity for specific handling and a comfortable ride.Independent double-wishbone former suspension offers 7.28 inch of axle travel.Swingarm-style behind suspension is great for towing, together tongue load rests directly on the sprung swingarm. It also minimizes human body roll and achieves a low center of gravity. Suspension geometry yields 7.28 customs of axle travel and 7.5 inch of soil clearance.Adjustable spring preload setups on all shocks to permit suspension mediate to match riding format or lots carried.Dual 190 mm former disc brakes and a single 170 mm behind disc brake provide solid stopping power.Fully serviceable axle bearings and also front suspension round joints, and totally enclosed solid rear axle.Rubber mounting that engine and exhaust system minimize vibration and deliver a high-quality chassis feel.Available electric Power Steering because that minimal steering initiative (especially advantageous when front differential is locked), adjusting for vehicle speed and the steering pressure being exerted through the rider. EPS likewise reduces kickback v the handlebar.Ergonomics engineered for a riding place that permits ideal rider mobility, control, comfort and also safety.Contoured, comfortable chair for lengthy days of occupational or play.Handlebar-mounted shifting and also drive-mode controls are positioned for basic reach and provide positive tactile feedback, also with gloves.Guards expand the complete length the the lower suspension eight for full coverage the the driveshaft and also outboard CV joints.LCD multifunction display is easy to read and provides information on as much as 13 functions.A 50-watt LED help light operates separately of the headlights for added illumination as soon as needed, however with the capacity to it is in switched off, for example to prevent reflection off of prior cargo.Convenient, simple-to-set parking brake.Heavy-duty trailer hitch rated for up to 848-pound towing capacity.On EPS models, three-point mounting delivers an exact steering.

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Front and rear cargo racks accept Honda Pro attach accessories because that smooth integration.Full heat of Pro attach accessories design for an exact fit, an easy attachment v quick-connection latch system, and integrated function.A 1.9 liter energy box with weatherproof sheathe is designed to keep sundries choose phone, map and also camera in ~ easy access from the riding position (when stopped), complementing the utility box that is inserted within straightforward reach ~ above the left front fender.


Honda Pro attach cargo rack modular device optionsWinching/plowing/towingWindscreenHeated gripsRecoil starterRear bumperBody protectionAluminum wheelsCargo managementStorage cover

Because we are so confident in the quality of every of ours Honda Accessories, we are pleased come offer one of the finest warranties in the industry. One-year warranty begins on the job accessories room purchased by the customer. Last accessories space TBD and also are topic to adjust without notice. WARRANTY: Transferable one-year minimal warranty; extended coverage accessible with a Honda protection Plan

Meets present CARB and also EPA off-road emissions standardsRecommended for riders 16 years of age and also older

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