All end the world, “Baker Street” has to be one of the many iconic pop sax lines.Perhaps these days the “Sexy Sax Man” has provided Baker Street a operation for it’s money, however if you room over 30 then chances are the opening sax line from Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” is just one of the an initial pop sax lines that involves mind.

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And for good reason – it’s therefore cool. Add to it’s fun to beat on sax, also if you are a relatively brand-new player.

The original sax present were taped by brother player Rafael Ravenscroft and they feature that top “run up” to high D ~ above alto sax.

In this lesson I show you in simple steps just how to play the opening line for this reason you have the right to share this with your friends and also family!

UPDATE: I videotaped this a when ago, you can see the brand-new updated great here. 

Download the worksheet:

Baker Street opening saxophone heat – mc glitter Music Sax School

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