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For the past two day, the DIC suggests that the hood is open, but it"s not. Ns am guessing the hood sensor is beginning to go.Anyone else had this problem
is it a pen or a sensor ~ above the latch ?Today the horn would sound as if the car was being tampered with.Had this same difficulty with an Accord, it turned out the latch sensor needed replacing, $ 130.00. At the very least I have warranty and also wont expense anything this time. Come the dealer tomorrow !
It"s a latch sensor unable to do bad. Dealer bespeak the part this morning and also should arrive from Mexico on Tuesday, :happy:Traverse remains at dealer overnite.Plus they are solving the front chair cushions, as they are basic to traction up from seat assembly.Two warranty work in one day.

Everything worked, I was able to lock, unlock and also remote start, together it was functioning fine, however a couple of times if the Traverse to be parked in the driveway, the horn would sound. The mechanic also saw the blog post on the DIC.They replaced the whole latch, (just over the rad) which has a sensor ~ above it, the metal contact had corroded.The bag where the brand-new part come in, claims "Made in Mexico". Part # 20941350, this component is for vehicles through remote start.They washed and vacuumed it as well.

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