“Virtual Villagers: A new Home” is an island simulation video game on Windows and also Macintosh computers. Football player must regulate the requirements of refugees stranded top top a remote island. The game has 16 puzzles because that the player to solve. The final puzzle for most players is moving the boulder. This puzzle needs the player to acquire the gold Child through other puzzles before the player can finish this puzzle.

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Research the construction skill for your village to level 2.

Drag a villager to the rocks prevent the creek located on the northwest ar of the island. The villager will instantly begin removing the rocks. This puzzle in “Virtual Villagers: A new Home” will reason water to flow down the creek when completed.

Research the building skill because that your town to level 3.

Drag a villager to the holy place ruins. The or she will immediately begin come clean up the area. This puzzle will certainly be completed as soon as the holy place is completely restored.

Research the Spirituality ability for your village to level 3.

Drag a villager through builder set as his or her task to the shiny rock located to the west of the village. This puzzle will certainly be completed as soon as the builder finishes carving the idol.

Research the Fertility skill for your town to level 3.

Drag a education villager (only feasible for mrs villagers) come the lagoon. This will reason the golden Child to it is in born.

Wait till the golden Child moves the boulder. This will occur automatically.


There is no method in “Virtual Villagers: A brand-new Home” to rate up the moment it takes until the golden Child move the boulder to resolve the last puzzle. This appears to occur after a random amount the time after ~ the gold Child"s birth.

Do not neglect the health and also food it is provided of your town when working to finish puzzles. The is much better to make certain that your village has many of food and also a expert doctor before focusing on island exploration.

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