Don"t ever marry senna

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Honestly, she complained breeze-home was to small, which is completely understandable. For this reason i build a house in falkreath and also now she is yelling in ~ me around wolves,bears, and spiders, saying "WHAT to be YOU THINKING sending out US the end HERE!"

I thought she was a tough lady because she complains about cooking for me, but NOPE.

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I simply wanted to find an npc through that Voice actor.

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Unfortunately anyone with her voice actress(are there any type of other marital relationship candidates with that voice?) would have actually the same marital relationship dialogue. Anyone through Aela"s or Njada"s voices also say the same. Only place they room happy is Proudspire Manor.

Aela walk the same thing, however you know what? i don"t mind. Who desires a wife that constantly agrees v you anyway? "Yes dear, that"s a great idea." "Yes dear it"s lovely!"

BORING. Every the factors she provided are perfectly precious ones too. What wife would certainly really be 100 percent happy through the dovahkiin anyway? especially with embraced kids you dump on her while you leave.

I intend it"s just a bit of dialogue, Senna is necessary anyway for this reason can"t be eliminated by bandits. Its funny though the they decided to have actually a "huntress" who hates living outside the city walls.

Who far better than a huntress to recognize what threats lurk exterior the safety and security of the city? She"s reasoning of the kids, man!


well i don"t desire a mindless drone either, but shes very rude, wouldn;t mind if she was tsundere about it though


I prefer http://uesp.net/wiki/Dragonborn:Hilund. A housewife, yet is in reality worth a damn throughout dragon/vampire/bandit attacks. And she"s a wilderness type chick.

OH WOW, my steward (female) simply talked come senna and said somthing follow me the currently of:

steward: oh hi!

senna: permit me know if... Huge strong men around

*both laugh simultaniously*

senna: oh come on don"t go away mad

It yes, really startled me. I"ve never heard them communicate before.

Ummmm, yeah. Nobody but dead people and also undertakers would desire to live in Falkreath. Nobody.

What were girlfriend thinking? It"s not favor the shoebox the Breezehome and also forsaken Falkreath space the only options. Walk you talk over living arrangements at all before marriage? If no, you have actually only you yourself to blame. Svck the up and deal.


I expect you assumed you"d "marry" part npc and they"d just carry you food till you stopped coming home. You have to be brand-new here.

Weird...I"ve heard that before between Hulda and also Saadia in the Bannered Mare, but never in a HF home. It must only happen in between NPCs through those two voices gibbs (actresses). I"d assume your steward share the same voice through Hulda then, since Senna provides the exact same voice as Saadia.

This. There need to be a masculine Nord voice involved in the conversation together well, yet for some reason it seems to create a lot without him. My thief had actually (modded) Sapphire together his follower/wife, she has the same voice together Senna/Saadia, so ns heard the conversation a lot in that playthrough, mostly without the male voice. The male will try to choose them up questioning them if they require a big, strong man, that"s just how it"s supposed to start.

I guess: v it"s a good thing the I commonly marry Mjoll the Lioness. They make a an excellent pair, as they"re both adventurers, and also she doesn"t complain much, despite she"s excessively chatty as soon as adventuring.

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Those spiritual types Sir. Friend will constantly be 2nd in your heart come the good big spaghetti monster in the sky.Never fairly measure up so come speak.May ns recommend a warrior type? you know, a pure-bred rock killer.

NOT with console commands, gift turned is a scripted event and so cannot be done through console commands. Just through mods deserve to you turn others into vampires

Lets see you are out in the forests of Falkreath and also you have actually her live there v kids. There are wolves, spiders, bears, bandits, and a necromancer (sometimes a conjurer) in claimed woods. No to cite the random large or dragons. I do not see any reason come complain /sarcasm

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