This is intended to it is in a Step-by-Step description of how to prep and pack and also then delivery a sperm donation to a recipient in an additional city. Shipping is an effective method of sperm donation, despite not quite as reliable as new AI. It"s a great option for a recipient when great local donors aren"t available, or if she prefers a donor who happens to be too far away to satisfy up with regularly.

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As strange as this an approach may sound, many KDR recipients have had success through this method, periodically in just a couple of attempts. For this reason if you"re having trouble finding a great local donor, then maybe this method is worth significant consideration.

Natal DonorTender demands FertilityDonor house Delivery (will no ship uneven you"re a medical expert with an account through them.)ICIBaby

The kit presented in the photos is from baby Dust, your Deluxe Donor Kit, i m sorry comes v 4 vials of TYB.
On the left is a ridge of softcups and a syringe, which the recipient can use for inseminating when the transport donation arrives. On the right is one ice fill to save the donation cool, and some vials of test Yolk Buffer (TYB for short). Everything will be packed right into the styrofoam shipping container in ~ the back, which will store the temperature low throughout the trip, so the sperm make it through the expedition ready to perform their job.
This kit is meant to be used for up to four inseminations. The donor supplies one TYB vial each time, and then pearl the container overnight come the recipient. She inseminates, and then mails the north container ago to the donor because that the next attempt, uneven she succeeds and also doesn"t require to shot again! every time the ships, that pulls one more TYB vial the end of his freezer, and prepares the following donation through it.
First let"s talk about what you cannot do. If you room thinking of taking sperm and putting it in a test tube to delivery by itself, there is no opportunity of it getting here viable. Sperm will certainly not live an ext than a few hours there is no a distinct sperm extender.
The real an enig to shipping sperm is the usage of TYB, or test Yolk Buffer. TYB is a sperm extender the feeds the sperm a nutrient rich egg yolk the is actually an extraction from chicken eggs. Normally, excretions within the woman"s body during ovulation feeds the sperm a comparable yolk-like substance, helping them survive and achieve the goal of fertilization. This just occurs best before and also during ovulation; throughout the rest of a woman"s cycle she body is inhospitable to sperm and also they die quickly.
The TYB additionally includes a low level antibiotic to protect against bacterial growth. This antibiotic is generally Gentamicin, which some woman may have actually an allergy reaction to.
**Women who space allergic to drugs in the Penecillin famiily should always consult a physician prior to using shipped sperm, together they may have actually an allergy reaction to TYB


First, the donor put a TYB vial into a cup that lukewarm water and lets the thaw out. That takes simply a couple of minutes. If that"s walk on, he collection his sperm in a clean, dry container, such as a little glass jar. Next, that adds the TYB come the sperm, and also gently swirls the mixture until it"s combined. The last action is to carefully pour the mixture earlier into the vial, and screw the lid on tight.

At this point, this description diverges a little from the indict in the babydust kit. Rather of pack the vial in a grocery store bag, this technique uses cut foam blocks, i m sorry provide much better temperature control and better protection.
First, for sure the vial in a foam ring. This is 1" thick foam layer cut by hand come fit the shipping container and also the vial.


The holes in the isolating layers permit cool air come move around the vial, to keep the temperature nice and stable, and the thin layers above and below the vial keep it from emotional the ice packs directly, therefore there"s no risk of the sperm freezing.
In order for Fedex to expropriate the parcel - that is live sperm after every - it needs to it is in in a clinical pak over-wrap. This is a distinct plastic bag with lots of warnings all over it. Here"s the container in the clinical pak:
The donor deserve to now take it the package to the neighborhood FedEx depot and also ship it come the recipient. Regularly the recipient will have set up her own account v Fedex online, and will carry out the account number to the donor to usage (this means she is covering the cost of shipment).
The sperm will certainly last because that at least 24 hrs in the TYB, however it"s best for the recipient to acquire her hands on the package as easily as possible and inseminate right away.
Recipients that live in a large city deserve to probably gain Fedex distribution to their door in the morning, prior to 10:30am. Those who live in smaller sized towns or exterior a city can not acquire delivery business until the afternoon, so for them it"s finest to choose up the parcel in the morning in ~ a regional Fedex depot and save a couple of hours the waiting. The donor have the right to specify "hold at Fedex location" in the shipping paperwork, if he and the recipient have operated that out ahead that time.
When the recipient gets home (or someplace private) v the package, she"s almost ready to carry out the insemination.
First, she opens the package and also takes the vial out. It"s still really cold, so the next step is come gently warm it up. Take care of the vial closely (those sperm have actually been on a lengthy trip and also they"re cranky). Host it in a hand, or under an eight or someplace warm until it"s at human body temperature, possibly 10 minutes or so.
Then the receiver pours the liquid right into a clean, dry cup, and pulls it right into the syringe native there. Following she lies down and really slowly inserts the liquid into herself, taking 10-15 secs or therefore to empty the syringe.

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At this point, if she"s comfortable, the recipient can keep laying under for 30 minutes or so with her bum propped up on a pillow, or she have the right to insert a softcup, which will keep the liquid inside her when she gets up and ago to regular life.
Thank you your advice was lot appreciated and has been very helpful come me and also my donor.I to be hoping to find success stories making use of TYB but I am no having any luck... Actually im not sure where come look. Any advice?" border="0" loading="lazy" />