I wanted to recognize other than include a chip and a wait intake is there any type of other things I have the right to do to make my jeep faster lmk reason I"m looking right into turbo didn"t find a lot simply need part tips and also here"s a pic of my jeep have actually a flow master super 44 through oracle gloriole smd headlight interior lights are blue simply trying to step up my game lmk many thanks everyone

Unfortunately the 3.7 is what the is. You could add a bigger throttle body for an ext responsiveness yet won"t do you faster. All the chips and intakes in the people wouldn"t help. Regearing could possibly help.

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looks prefer you can have bigger tires, re gearing is besttransgo change kit might help it feeling faster...


Only point that will certainly make you faster is to acquire a fully overhauled engine i m sorry is what ns did when my old one blew. For this reason I stated ***** it and also bought a brand new long block. Pistons are over sized in addition to everything else that provides jeep go vroom. Absolutely a lot quicker. I likewise put a glasspack on it. Likewise ditch those oem wheels because that aluminum persons if you"re really worried about it. That"s what ns did. Even the spare.You claimed your interior lights were blue. Possibly those will inspire part ideas. Ns can change the lamp under the dash to any color. Likewise have two Rockford fosgate 12" subs and also replaced every door speakers through high quality kenwoods. Friend seem the type for customization so I"m simply throwing my two cents out there.

I wanted to understand other than add a chip and also a wait intake is there any other things I deserve to do to do my jeep faster lmk cause I"m looking right into turbo didn"t find a lot simply need some tips and here"s a pic of my jeep have a circulation master supervisor 44 through oracle halo smd headlight internal lights room blue just trying to step up my game lmk many thanks everyone sent out from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk
Chip won"t do lot if anything computer system will learn around itStock air box will flow more than sufficient air because that the 3.7 , many have tried however all an waiting intake may obtain you is much more noise thinking you have more response once you don"t Turbo :icon_lol:the motor will never ever stand approximately a turbo, rubbish of money spend money on points that actually enhance the in its entirety ride and also handling and also keep the maintain up
I"m walk to go out and say that - you"re not obtaining any much better performance out of the motor. It"s no happening. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Best thing you deserve to do is re-gear for quicker acceleration. That"s it.
Slow can be an automatically issue? Mine is 5 rate manual and also pretty dang rapid for a heavyish enlarge Jeep! had actually some fun with her the end on the highway last night.
Slow might be an automatically issue? Mine is 5 speed manual and pretty dang quick for a heavyish enlarge Jeep! had some fun with her out on the highway critical night.
Re-gear was definitely my best performance mod. I had to embarrass a young dummy this morning at the irradiate by the base. For part stupid factor he wanted a rapid race.:shrug:...maybe b/c ns knew him:icon_lol: i proceeded come ridicule him in ~ work afterwards for embarrassing that in his pride and joy(Scion Tc).

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Can i ask why you"re looking come get an ext speed the end of a 4x4? If anything i am going to take it mine in the air and do the suspension mods and gearing for a lil an ext power ~ above the trail. LOL lets invent a new kind of mod calling the StreetCrawlers...