When you take treatment of her bathroom, you usually emphasis on the same basic elements. For example, friend might try to clean the tiles and remove any mold or mildew that could have fond its method in. Additionally, the shower curtain girlfriend have can be torn, worn, or simply plain old and also needs replacing. And of course, you’ll probably inspect your plumbing, her toilet, and your waiting vents just to make certain there room no issues. However, most civilization tend come neglect an essential part of each bathroom, a component that is quite an essential to her bath time — the shower curtain rod.

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Without the rod, there would be nothing holding your curtain in place and water would certainly splash everywhere, make a big mess and permitting for mildew to begin growing. So, in order to stop that from happening, you require the best kind of stick on the market. However, it needs to do more than organize your curtain in place; after all, water and moisture cause rust, therefore, you’ll require a good, rust-proof rod to hold that curtain.

In this article, I will certainly cover few of the finest shower curtain rods that 2021 needs to offer. The assets on this list space all rust-proof, simple to uncover in continual retail, and also quite durable. However, if you arrangement on finding a various rod, i’ll also provide you v a comfortable buyer’s guide that covers every little thing you should know around rod shopping.

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Rod TypesRust-Proof shower Curtain rod Buyer’s GuideTop 9 finest Rust-Proof shower Curtain Rods because that 2021

Rod Types

Curtain rods come in a selection of shapes and sizes. In stimulate to pick the kind that works best for you, you have to consider the dimension of your bathroom, where you bathe, and how straightforward the rod is come install and also maintain. With that in mind, here are the most typical curtain stick types.

Straight Rods

As their surname suggests, right rods are simply that — long rods of steel or timber that execute not curve anywhere. This form is by far the many popular since of exactly how easy that is to install and also remove. Every you require are 2 brackets to fix the metal pole and also several hooks or rings to host the curtain. In fact, in stimulate to download a straight rod, girlfriend don’t even have come buy one in ~ the save — just make one yourself.

Curved Rods

Lots of human being have bent bathtubs or shower enclosures, for this reason a directly rod just wouldn’t help there. Instead, a decent bent rod would perform the trick; that fits the form of the enclosure and also the shower head curtain hangs along its inner sides. The way, every the water goes into the drain and doesn’t splash your bathroom floor.

Curved rods are almost as famous as right ones, and also are simply as basic to install. And just like straight rods, you have the right to either buy a finished product or go the DIY route.

Circular Rods

A circular pole is comparable in form to the curved one, yet there’s one significant difference. Namely, these rods look favor a large hoop and also the curtain (or curtains) goes every the means around. If you happen to have actually a standalone bathtub that isn’t attached come a wall, this is the perfect rod because that you.

Track Rods

Track rods attribute gliders that assist the curtain on slide both ways. They don’t require any kind of hooks or rings, and also their architecture keeps the curtain native falling off. When a monitor rod might be a little tricky come install, it works prefer a charm and has a stunning, virtually futuristic look.

Tension Rods

If you require a pole that’s very quick to install and also doesn’t need you come drill or glue anything, climate a anxiety rod is your finest bet. These items usage a feather suspension system that keeps the whole rod in place. All you have to do is unscrew one end and extend it till it reaches both political parties of the wall surface and remains there. And if you need to replace or remove the rod, simply unscrew it and pull the mechanism back into place.

Rust-Proof shower head Curtain rod Buyer’s Guide

Now the you recognize the basics of shower rod types, you’ll require to figure out which one works best for you. However, selecting the best kind is simply the first step. In stimulate to gain the best rust-free rod the end there, you’ll have a lot more ground come cover first.


If you occur to have a edge tub, you can go because that something referred to as an L-shaped rod. That a type of curved rod the forms a rectangle-shaped shape when you connect it to the wall. However, if that setup is as well rigid for you, friend can shot something a bit much more elegant, choose a D-shaped rod.


Obviously, if you need a rust-proof rod, then selecting the finest material is key. With that in mind, the best shower curtain stick material alternatives on the industry right now are:

Stainless steelChromePlasticWoodBamboo

Of this options, plastic have to be her last resort, since plastic rods tend to watch cheap and also flimsy. ~ above the other hand, if she aiming for durable, metal rods, you must make certain that they’re make of stainless stole or chrome, as they nothing rust easily. Bamboo and also wood are excellent options if you want to give your bathroom that old-fashioned, rustic look.

Wall Type

Concrete, drywall, marble — there space so countless different materials that contemporary walls are made from. So, you have to be extra cautious when picking the kind of rod friend want. After ~ all, drilling and also fastening screws because that rods might cause tears and also cracks in certain types of walls. Other species might simply be too difficult to drill into, therefore a anxiety rod can be the only option.


Yes, the rod can be just a item of metal or wood that stop a curtain up. Yet that doesn’t average that you can’t gain one the looks stylish or elegant. After ~ all, your bathroom should have a certain appeal, just like any type of other room in her house.


More than 99% that the time, girlfriend will have to install the stick yourself. Of course, doing it isn’t necessarily difficult, and also you can find quick and also easy DIY travel guide online. But some rods will certainly take more time to install 보다 others, and also you should always aim because that the many convenient option. However, if they come in a kit with various other parts choose faucets and showerheads, you can need to speak to a professional to help you out.


It goes without saying the you should measure her shower space in order to obtain the right length and width the your brand-new curtain rod. Of course, don’t concern too much if you acquire the numbers wrong. ~ all, you can exchange or return the pole in most retail stores that market them. Moreover, if you get a tension rod, you’ll be able to change the length yourself.


Shower rod prices vary depending upon what the items is make of. For example, most plastic rods are cheap, however they aren’t as sturdy or hard as wooden or metal rods. On the various other hand, a kind stainless steel rod will constantly cost at the very least $50. Choices that are much more expensive than those typically come v extra features and also a much longer warranty period.

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Other points to Consider

Before you make your last decision, right here are a few more details you’ll desire to keep in mind as soon as shopping because that shower curtain rods:

What mechanism does the pole use?Is that resistant to rot and also mildew?Does it usage angles and also brackets?If you’re buying a anxiety rod, how great are its pads?Can you use your stick in a various room if you need to?Can girlfriend use twin rods in her bathroom?

Top 9 finest Rust-Proof shower Curtain Rods because that 2021

1. Bendable Curve Arch Chrome Finish

Picking the best shape for a shower curtain stick is difficult, yet it’s a hundred time harder if your bathtub has an irregular shape. So, instead of banging her head against the wall surface trying to pick out the best shape, why not get an option that deserve to have any kind of shape friend want?


By far, the biggest benefit of the bendable curve arch rod is just how flexible the is. You have the right to quite literally bend it into anything and also make the fit the shape of her tub. Moreover, the comes v 24 curtain hooks and also gliders do of stainless, rust-free steel.