Scoring a video game of darts is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, from the view of someone the is not familiar with the ins and also outs the the sport, scoring a leg have the right to seem very intimidating.

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In fact, among the most typical questions is, how numerous points is the bullseye in darts worth?

The bullseye in darts is divided into 2 sections. The outer environment-friendly ring that the bullseye is worth 25 points, and an inside red circle worth 50 points.

In a video game of 501 or 301, every player it s okay to throw three darts per turn. The points of each dart space tallied and also written down.

Because the highest possible number on the dartboard is 20, you would certainly think the the highest feasible score for 3 darts is 60. However, that is not the case. The bullseye is worth much more than 20.

Landing three darts in the external ring that the bull is worth 75 points and even 150 points if all three are thrown in the facility bull.

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25 and also 50? Is The Bullseye a Double?

In a video game of 501 the bullseye does count as a double. Meaning if you have a score that 50 remaining, you can complete the game landing your dart in the bullseye.

While the whole target (green and also red) is described as the “Bullseye”, it is usual for players to use slang to differentiate the outer ring and the facility circle. Solitary bullseye, double bullseye, is one, green bull, red bull is another.

What Is one Alan Evans shot?

The Alan Evens shot is when you land all three of her darts in the red bullseye section. It is a hatchet made popular by dart commentator Sid Waddell.

The recommendation is in regard come Welsh dart player David “Alan” Evans that was well known for this shot. That is reported on a Scottish tourism that he perfect on 150 (hitting 3 bullseyes) 8 times during play!

What around The 180?

Well, if did you do it been roughly the sports for a while, you are most likely thinking, go this guy forget around the 180?

Of course i did not and I to be glad girlfriend asked. That is vital for newcomer of the video game to recognize that the bullseye is no the spot worth the highest suggest value ~ above the board.

Each number on the dartboard has a doubles and also triples segment. This sections are much smaller and also thus considerably harder come hit. However, if you regulate to hit one, you can multiply the points worth of the number by either 2 or 3 and also get much greater scores per turn.

So if friend hit a triple 20 v each dart, your points that turn will it is in 180, a complete 30 points more than if you hit 3 bullseyes.

In fact, in standard gamings of x01, there are plenty of numbers on the board that have actually targets that room worth more than the 50 suggest inner circle; triple 19 is worth 57 points, triple 18 is worth 54 and also triple 17 is worth 51 points.


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