The hook is just one of the most crucial parts that the entirety piñata-making process. The hook has to support the weight of the to fill piñata and it must likewise be able to stand up to a direct hit native the stick. A many online piñata-making instructions tell you come punch two holes in the height of your piñata and run a piece of string v the holes, yet I don’t recommend that. It can work because that a lightweight piñata that isn’t hit very hard, however on a bigger piñata the string will certainly tear through the papier mâché and also your piñata will crash to the ground.

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The straightforward idea behind making an effective hanging hook is to spread out out the hanging pressure over a vast area. I do this by attaching the hanging hook to a cardboard shield. I make mine hanging hooks the end of wire shirt hangers and corrugated cardboard.

Two essential things to note:

1) constantly twist her hanging hook right into a closed loop. Never use an open hook (like one upside-down J), due to the fact that piñatas obtain bounced about a lot and it’s basic for a J-hook to come off the rope.

2) as soon as I’m installation a hanging hook top top the within of a big piñata, i don’t cut a hole wherein the hook will go since that weakens the papier mâché ideal where the hook will certainly be supporting the load of the piñata. Rather I reduced a hole somewhere top top the side, install the hook with there, and also then close it up again.

Here are two instances of installing hanging hooks into piñatas:


Heart Piñata

The hanging hook go in the center of the height of the heart, so i went ahead and also installed the hook after pack the balloons in newspaper but before doing the very first layer that papier mâché.


Get a cable shirt hanger and also cut it off at the shoulders.


Get a piece of cardboard. Due to the fact that the hook has to fit along the optimal of the heart, I supplied a long, thin piece of cardboard. 

Bend the cardboard right into the form of the optimal of the heart, then stick the shirt hanger v the cardboard native underneath.


Using pliers, wrinkles the tips of the hanger over the top of the cardboard. This bending holds the hanger and cardboard together. (Sometimes ns duct ice them together as well.) 


Tape the hook in place. Ns forgot to bend the hook into a closed loop earlier, so i did that here.


Tarantula piñata

In this case the piñata has actually an rarely often, rarely shape, so ns didn’t recognize where to placed the hanging hook till the papier mâché work was finished. I want the piñata to cave tilting contempt forward. To find the correct spot for the hanging point, i stuck a thin screwdriver into the piñata where I believed the hook must go and also lifted it up. With trial and also error I discovered the spot wherein the hook must go in order for the piñata to hang the way I wanted it to. (Remember when you do this the the weight of the candy might adjust the facility of gravity of the piñata.) when I knew whereby the hook need to go, I cut an opened in the side of the piñata and also installed the hook indigenous the inside.


Again I started with a shirt hanger cut off in ~ the shoulders and also a item of cardboard. It yes, really doesn’t matter what form the cardboard is, as lengthy as it fits within the piñata whereby you require it to go. 


I poked the hanger through the cardboard and used pliers to bending the extra length approximately to the optimal of the cardboard. 

I cut an X in the piñata making use of a knife, then folded the flaps earlier to develop an opening. ~ above a lightweight piñata girlfriend can cut your opening where the hook will certainly go, yet this spider is too large for that.

I put the hook v the opening and also poked the out with the tiny hanging hole that I had actually made earlier with the screwdriver. I generally use warm glue or duct ice to organize the cardboard in place versus the inside of the piñata. Ns did the here, but I didn’t take a snapshot of it.

Lifting the piñata by the hanging hook ensures the it hangs the method I desire it to.

I provided pliers to curly the straight shirt hanger into a closeup of the door loop, then folded the flaps earlier down.

I placed a pair pieces of masking tape end the cut to keep them closed. This is now a weak allude in the piñata. You have the right to leave that that way and decorate right over the masking ice to develop a significant weak spot, or put down one more layer or two of papier mâché come toughen it up a bit before decorating. Even if I want a weak spot there ns usually put down one class of papier mâché simply to make certain it stays closed.

For an additional example of installation a hanging hook, click end to the do a Stegosaurus page.

Don’t forget that in the end, every your hard work hangs by the hook. Don’t take it lightly. Always close turn off the loop, and make certain the papier mâché neighboring the hook is solid enough come bear the load of the loaded piñata. If you’re make a thin-walled piñata because that young children, do the peak of the piñata thicker 보다 the rest. The kids won’t be hitting that on the top and you don’t desire the hook come tear through.

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