If girlfriend love cheese (and who doesn’t?), cheese graters are among those kitchen tools you have to have in her home. Ns can’t think of a solitary recipe that wouldn’t be awesome through some shredded cheese on top (okay, maybe there room a lot, however you know what ns mean). Yet if you can’t be bothered to get a cheese grater, you have the right to still obtain your cheese fix. Today, I’ll present you just how to grate cheese without a grater, using points you currently have in her home.

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Method 1: usage a Knife!

The easiest way of grating cheese without a cheese grater is to use a kitchen knife or cook knife. Just make sure it’s perfectly sharp (we recommend making use of an electric knife sharpener) and you’re an excellent to go.

Lay the cheese block on your cutting board. Make sure they won’t move on her counter. Then, walk in with your sharp knife and cut the block of cheese right into thin slices. Lastly, cut those slim slices right into smaller strips that cheese.


Method 2: use Your Cheese Slicer (or vegetable Peeler)

Another means of grating cheese without a grater is by utilizing a cheese slicer. If you a cheese connoisseur, girlfriend may already have this utensil in your kitchen drawer. Use it on the corner of your block of cheese to obtain shreds the cheese. Girlfriend could additionally run the slicer down the size of her cheese block and also then reduced those cheese strips into thin shreds.

Alternatively, you can use a vegetables peeler because that the exact same effect. Simply make certain the tongue is sharp and also clean.


Method 3: Dust Off your Zester

A lemon zester can additionally be supplied to shred cheese. This method is perfect for tough cheeses, such as parmesan cheese. Merely zest the cheese together if it were a lemon or an orange carefully. That will give your shreds that cheese a powder-like consistency, perfect to top risottos and other decadent Italian dishes.


Method 4: usage a vegetables Chopper

A vegetable chopper can additionally work together a good cheese grater! Admittedly, the works finest on softer and also semi-hard cheeses, such together mozzarella and also cheddar. However you deserve to also try to shred hard, cured cheeses if her vegetable chopper is pretty sturdy!

Get your cutting board and also chop the block that cheese you want to shred right into smaller piece that can fit in the vegetables chopper. Choose the bowl for your chopper—we introduce going with a plate the resembles the texture of a cheese grater. Then, location your pieces of cheese in the chopper and also press the cut lid under on it. Relying on the plate friend chose, you may need to repeat this procedure a couple of times at various angles, however you’ll have shredded cheese in no time!


Method 5: exploit the strength of a Food Processor

We’ve saved the easiest, many effective an approach for last: utilizing food processors as cheese graters. If you already have a good food processor at home, you deserve to save you yourself the time and trouble of do the efforts the other approaches we’ve outlined here. Food processors are exceptionally easy to use and, in this case, the most reliable at grating cheese!

The very first thing you have to do is acquire your food processor shredding disk. You’ll attach it come the optimal of the blade insert and also then close the food processor lid. Make certain it’s locked in place. Then, cut your block right into cheese cubes that have the right to fit through the chute. Rotate on the food processor and feed the cheese cubes v the tube, making use of the food pusher as you go.

You should be able to grate her cheese in much less than a minute adhering to this method. Luckily, it works for more tough cheeses, softer cheeses, and also everything in between.


Pro Tips: exactly how to Grate Cheese without a Cheese Grater, however Better

Using any of these five methods, you’ll gain grated cheese in no time without having to invest in a high quality cheese grater. To make things even easier, I’m including just three an ext hacks for you to try the next time you head into the kitchen.

Pick the right Kind of Cheese

Half the fight of grating your very own cheese is picking the best kind the cheese. No all cheeses piece well. For instance, soft, mushy cheeses (such as camembert and also fresh mozzarella) won’t offer you good shreds. That’s since they either have actually too lot fat or too lot water to shred easily. You can still gain them, of course, but you’d be much better off just slicing lock and adding them to your food. Stick to semi-hard or hard, cured cheeses.

And this is something you probably didn’t know: parmesan cheese deserve to shred itself. Get two piece of parmesan cheese, obstacle the two in addition to some vigor, and also watch as snow-like shreds loss to your cutting board. Nice neat, right?

Chill Soft and also Semi-Hard Cheeses

If you do want to grate cheese that’s much softer 보다 your block the parmesan cheese, leaving it in the freezer for approximately thirty minutes. This will firm up the cheese and make it less complicated for you come grate it. Plus, as soon as soft cheese is firmer, it no gunk up every little thing kitchen utensil you’re using to grate it.

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Grease Blades before Shredding

Lastly, if you’ve had actually a difficult time in the past grating cheese due to the fact that it always stuck everywhere, it can be a an excellent idea come grease the blades. Use cooking spray on your knife or lattice disk to stop the shreds of cheese from difficult to it. Girlfriend don’t have to use much: simply make sure the cut surfaces space evenly coated.