The Woodcutting Guild is a members-only guild situated in a fence area in the south-west corner of great Kourend's Hosidius House. To enter, football player must have actually a Woodcutting level that 60, in addition to having actually 75% Hosidius residence favour.

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While inside the guild players get an invisible +7 level an increase to your Woodcutting. This rise will stack with any kind of existing rises the player already has, such together the visible +3 an increase from using the dragon axe's special attack. However, the invisible rise will not enable a player to perform actions over their basic level.

Modes of Travel

Use a an abilities necklace to teleport directly outside the prior gate.

Teleport to house while the player's POH is in an excellent Kourend. Redirecting a Teleport to house tablet computer to a Kourend teleport tablet via the usage of a scroll of redirection works as well.

Use Xeric's talisman to teleport to Xeric's Glade and also run west.

Use a fully grown heart tree come teleport north-east the the guild entrance. Requires 83 Farming.

Casting Teleport come Kourend and also running south. Requires analysis Transportation incantations.

Lovakengj Minecart Network, which is a network that tunnels beneath an excellent Kourend that can be unlocked by speaking to Miriam through 65% Favour in the Lovakengj House.



Within the guild football player can discover the following types of trees:

11 Trees

4 Oak trees

7 willow trees

13 Maple trees

17 Yew trees

8 Magic trees

2 Redwood trees (8 wall surfaces to chop)


Players deserve to offer bird's eggs to the shrine to obtain 100 Prayer experience and also a bird nest, comprise tree seeds and also fruit tree seeds. In addition, over there is a 1/300 chance of receiving a item of the evil chicken outfit.


Woodcutting Guild Ent area

The ent habitat found underneath the Woodcutting Guild.

Ent habitat

Woodcutting Guild dungeon map


A map the the Woodcutting Guild dungeon.

22 Ents have the right to be uncovered in the dungeon listed below the guild. Ents, as soon as defeated, leave behind an ent tribe which deserve to be chopped because that logs proper to the player's Woodcutting level. A bank is accessible in the south-west corner.


There is a sawmill obtainable for use, which is much closer come the financial institution compared come the main sawmill north-east of Varrock.

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Perry's Chop-chop Shop

Perry's Chop-chop Shop is an axe shop the sells all types of axes, not included dragon and also black. This is the only location where players have the right to purchase a rune axe indigenous a shop.