Sacramento and San Francisco are just 87 mile apart, do it straightforward to get from one city to the various other via train, bus, or car.

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Driving or taking a bus are the most affordable options for traveling between the 2 cities (bus tickets can run together low together $4.99 one-way if you plan ahead). While driving is much more convenient, buses provide cost-free WiFi and also the possibility to sit ago and relax. Acquisition the train under from Sacramento come SF is specifically pleasant, despite it's substantially much more than the price that a bus ticket. Still, if you have the means, it's worth a splurge.

While flying between the two cities is additionally an option, that doesn't make a whole lot the sense once you factor in the moment it take away to travel to and also from the airports, examine in, and also wait for your luggage at baggage claim. That can likewise be rather pricey.

How to acquire from Sacramento to san Francisco
 TimeCostBest For
Train2 hours, 25 minutesfrom $31Traveling comfortably
Plane59 minutesfrom $64 
Bus2 hours, 20 minutesfrom $5Traveling on a budget
Car1 hour, 36 minutes87.9 mile (141.4 kilometers)Arriving ~ above a time crunch; trying out the bay Area

What Is the Cheapest method to obtain From Sacramento to mountain Francisco?

Buses room the cheapest means to gain to san Francisco indigenous Sacramento, v departures running throughout the day. Greyhound buses operation from the Sacramento Bus terminal to downtown SF for about $8 one way. Other providers include Megabus and FlixBus, both of which come at the SF"s Caltrain Station; native there, girlfriend can record the Muni transit come Union Square. Tickets run as low together $4.99, and also most buses encompass WiFi, onboard charging outlets, a restroom, and reclining seats. Lug snacks because that the journey, which generally lasts 2 to 2.5 hours, however can differ according come traffic.

What Is the Fastest method to gain From Sacramento to san Francisco?

It takes about 1.5 hours to journey the 87 miles between Sacramento and San Francisco. The quickest path is to take I-80W, i beg your pardon crosses into SF via the SF-Oakland only Bridge. This is the most convenient kind of travel for getting exactly where you desire to go. However, there"s not lot scenery follow me I-80 W, and also traffic can be specifically heavy when approaching Berkeley and also driving across the bridge.

There is a second, an ext scenic drive, i beg your pardon branches turn off from I-80 at CA37 W to Highway 101 S, and also enters mountain Francisco across the golden Gate Bridge. It"s simply a few miles further and also provides an opportunity for a Sonoma or Napa Wine nation detour.

Be aware that parking can be a nightmare in SF. If you perform not plan to check out the rest of the just Area, you may prefer to take the bus or train into the city and also use public transport instead.

just how Long Is the Flight?

Flying in between the 2 cities only makes sense if you have actually a connecting trip at SFO. A direct flight takes about 1 hour, but when you element in the time it take away to acquire to the airport, examine in, and go v security, it have the right to take twice as long. Flying is also considerably much more expensive than any kind of other kind of transport.

exactly how Long Is the Train Ride?

Amtrak"s funding Corridor runs trains native Sacramento to san Francisco in 2 hours, 25 minutes, through trains comes close come hourly on weekdays and every pair of hours on weekends. The train uses restrooms, charging outlets, cost-free WiFi, and even a cafe car. There are bike racks and dedicated bicycle cars for bringing aboard her two-wheels as well.

When talk the train, you have actually a few options through regard to where you want to it is in dropped off. You deserve to take the train directly from Sacramento Valley terminal to Emeryville (just throughout the bridge from mountain Francisco), and transfer to a san Francisco-bound bus. Or, you can obtain off at either Richmond or Oakland Coliseum, then move to a BART train (though girlfriend will require a different ticket or a Clipper map to board). Another option is to take it the train come Oakland"s Jack London Square Station and also then hop top top the san Francisco only Ferry. The disembarks in ~ SF"s famous Ferry Building.

have the right to I usage Public transport to take trip From the Airport?

If you have actually a connecting flight at SFO and your layover is 4 hrs or longer, take into consideration taking the BART into the city; it will take you from SFO come the Mission district (16th and also Mission stop) in about 24 minutes. Here, you can grab a burrito and also do a little bit of window shopping follow me Valencia Street. Around 5 minutes much more and you"ll with Union Square. Psychic to element in the time it"ll take you to go back to the airport and also go back through security.

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Victoria Semenjak / EyeEm; Getty Images


Victoria Semenjak / EyeEm; Getty Images

What Is over there to execute in san Francisco?

There"s so much to see and also do in this bayside city, even if it is it"s talk a bicycle follow me the Marina Green and into the Presidio for tremendous views the both Alcatraz and the golden Gate Bridge, or basking in the beauty of the Painted females bordering Alamo Square. Other choices include sampling dim sum in Chinatown, looking the incredible an option of brand-new releases and also paperbacks at north Beach"s legend City lights Books, or giving science a walk at the Exploratorium. Parks such as golden Gate Park and also Dolores Park space perfect locations to while away an afternoon, though if it"s culture you"re after, step inside one of SF"s many world-class museums, consisting of the Legion that Honor, oriental Art Museum, and also SFMOMA. Communities such together the Haight-Ashbury, nobility Hill, and the Mission room ripe for exploring, however to important immerse yourself in the tourist vibe, Fisherman"s kai is a must.