While short hair has its own beauty, we have to admit the the an ext hair you have, the more versatile styles your hair deserve to be.

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If you room desiring a hairstyle that just works on long hair, don’t worry as hair extensions (with fabricated or human being hair wigs) will assist you.

Although castle will just temporarily exist on your head, it’s quiet a perfect method to have long hair without waiting for months and also years come grow.

However, every little thing has that is pros and cons, and hair extensions tend to leaving old ice residue on her scalp or genuine hair. So just how to remove it and also what would be the ideal method? you will find the answer to all these inquiries in our article.

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2 how do you eliminate hair extension glue at home?

What clears old ice residue?

One of the disadvantages the make some civilization hesitate utilizing hair extension is its adhesive residue top top hair. The tape normally leaves the stroked nerves adhesive adhesive on our hair after each application. Therefore what product deserve to take it out of our hair?

Like other kinds of tape or adhesive lingered on other surfaces, hair expansion glue have the right to be removed by alcohol-based or oil-based products.

The operating principle is the alcohol or oil will penetrate the tape residue to soften and loosen it. Thereby, you can easily banish the from her hair forever.

Conditioners deserve to work either. The high contents of moisture will also assist unstiffen the adhesive on her hair and also make it less complicated to be taken away.

How do you remove hair extension glue at home?

Instead of throw money top top salons, you can take hair expansion glue residue out of her hair in ~ home adhering to our instruction below.

Method 1: utilizing oil

Things you will do it need:

A comb


Apply oil come the components that have hair expansion glueLeave it because that at the very least 15 minutes to ease the glueComb your hair to remove the glue residueRepeat action 3 until the glue is totally removed

Method 2: using commercial remover

Get rid of tape hair expansion with glue remover (Source: walkertape)

Things you will do it need:

Hair expansion glue removerHair clipGloves


Clip the section of hair which doesn’t have tape residue on to present the glue difficult on her hairWear the all set glovesApply the remover to the adhesive residue evenlyUse her fingers to tenderness stroke your hair under to the tip and break the glueRepeat action 4 until the glue is totally removed

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Does acetone eliminate hair expansion glue?

Yes, acetone can be useful to get hair extension glue out of your hair. Although this substance have the right to be discovered in constant nail polish, to have actually a much better result, us would favor to point out the one with 99% acetone included.

However, acetone can damages your hair and make it also dry. Therefore, once using acetone to eliminate hair extension tape residue, just apply a little amount that acetone in a cotton pad and gently dab it in the desired part of hair. Nothing pull her hair as well strong, or girlfriend will have actually to confront hair loss or breakage.

In Conclusion

We think that after analysis this article, hair expansion glue residue isn’t a huge deal anymore.

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You deserve to take that away with a store-bought hair expansion glue remover, or opt because that a an ext natural ingredient choose oil or alcohol-based product. Don’t forget to wear gloves whenever making use of chemicals to avoid skin irritation.