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Today I chose to check/adjust the air pressure in my spare tire and additionally get some practice lowering it simply in situation I may need to change a tire.The good news is that ns don"t require to reduced it in stimulate to readjust the air pressure. The poor news is that I have actually no idea how to assemble and use the jack components to reduced the spare to the ground. The owner"s manual is very sketchy on this subject, simply telling friend to assemble the wrench come the expansion tubes. They don"t display the assembly or the hooked eight that ns assume is required to winch the tire down. I assume that the "hook" finish is what you have to slip v the hole between the bumper and also the tailgate. I managed to gain it through however I have actually no proviso what to do next.HELP!!!Thanks.


You don"t require the part with the hook ~ above it. Usage the one that has actually a socket on the end. There should be three sections that affix together the socket engages a nut above the spare and the tire iron part has a square hole that attaches to the other end and also is provided as a crank. Turn counter clockwise to lower the spare.^^^^ an excellent YouTube video. Lol. Just follow that.
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Unfortunately ns can"t check out the Youtube video.It screens a empty page....OK. I saw Youtube directly and viewed it.Thanks.

Figured the out, lowered and raised the spare without issue.Now at least I won"t it is in flummoxed if I have to readjust a tire.This is a an excellent forum.Thanks again!
Unless her in a genuine rush. Roadside assistance.You paid because that 3 years of the anyway. Might also give the tow male some cash too, since; if he"s no on a call, he"s prob no making money.
Figured that out, lowered and also raised the spare without issue.Now at least I won"t be flummoxed if I have actually to readjust a tire.This is a great forum.Thanks again!
Nice! never tried to lower mine before, hopefully i won"t have to any kind of time soon.Always great to know though therefore you"re not stuck trying to number it out on the side of the road.
I bought mine Ram provided from a dealer. That did not have actually a spare tire or jack. I thought it over and also decided to usage it as leverage to obtain a little an ext $$ bring away off. I have towing and also roadside aid on mine insurance anyway. If I acquire a flat, I"ll do a phone call call. I had actually lumbar fusion surgery this year, I have actually no plan of ever changing a 33" tire on the next of the road. A small less weight to carry about too.

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Joys of living in the rust belt. Favor huntergreen, execute it at the very least once a year (I perform mine twice a year--when I readjust from summer to winter tires and also reverse).I had the winch grab on my last truck and also had to placed the spare on jackstands and also use a sawzall ~ above the tire carrier. Finished up transferring my spare in the bed for the last 4 years due to the fact that a brand-new carrier assembly was over $200.