(My girls love to exercise sliding!)Sliding practice is easily the many overlooked softball skill. Let’s challenge it, every practice includes throwing, catching, grounders and probably hitting. But how regularly does your team practice sliding?

The challenge is that most practice areas are not very conducive to sliding. The ground is probably tough and much more than likely your girl wore shorts and don’t want to scrape up their legs. Make every one of the excuses friend want.

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If you don’t exercise sliding, that will expense you outs, runs, and also WINS.

How plenty of times have actually you yelled SLIDE, just to have actually the player come in was standing up and get tagged out? ns know just how this dram out: the coach yells “SLIDE”, the player stands up and also is tagged out, the coach thinks “okay, nothing yell” counts come 10 to patience down, climate yells, “WHY didn’t YOU SLIDE???!!!” I’ve to be there and done that. We all have. Simply remember, if girlfriend didn’t exercise it how have the right to you expect them come know how to perform it


The basics:

1. Don"t sluggish Down!

2. Throw your legs in the direction of the base

3. Skinny back

4. Legs have to be in a figure four position with the inside leg (depending top top which way the round is coming from) bend 90 degrees and also tucked under the outside leg.

5. Both arms should be thrown over the head choose a football referee signaling Touchdown to prevent sliding ~ above a hand or gaining a hand stepped on.

6. Typically, slide in the direction of the outside of the bag. Usually the fielder will certainly take far the inside position on the base.

7. As the players foot hits the bag, and also her inert carries she forward, have actually her pop up to a standing place on optimal of the base. That method she is all set to proceed running in situation of an errant throw.

A few ways to practice sliding encompass utilizing a “slip-n-slide” or obtaining a big card board box and also laying that flat. Both will work-related although they aren’t my favourite methods. Together you look at the pictures, friend will note that we utilize a sliding mat. The a large piece that foam extended by vinyl through a separate piece of product on top that in reality slides throughout the vinyl.


It’s a tiny expensive in ~ $299.00 yet it’s a an excellent softball tool. Generally, early on in the season we practice sliding in ~ every practice and then rest it the end as essential throughout the season. What i really like, is that it is perfect for a drills based practice.

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You have the right to put it just around anywhere and have that be one of the stations the girls revolve through. As you can see by the smiles on their faces, our players have a an excellent time sliding, and also they have actually overcome their fears of hurling your bodies come the ground.

Whether you usage a sliding mat or a cardboard box, just know that they have to practice this ability on a relatively routine basis. Otherwise, you’ll be counting to 10 and also yelling “Why no You SLIDE?