Pokemon Diamond and Pearl players can be wonder if it’s possible to gain the national Pokedex, and also if so, exactly how to actually unlock it. We’re here to prize those questions with a simple guide.

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There are plenty of above Pokemon to battle and catch in Gen IV games Diamond and also Pearl, and many of them favor the Steel/Psychic-type Beldum and the extremely rare Munchlax will need a small extra effort for trainers to find.

It’s certainly worth spending the moment to encounter them all, though, as doing so will aid you unlock the nationwide Pokedex, which bring hundreds an ext Pokemon right into your Diamond & Pearl Pokedex for a huge post-game challenge.

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With highly-anticipated Pokemon brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl remasters comes to Nintendo move in late 2021, here’s how you can unlock the nationwide Pokedex in the Sinnoh region.


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