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I was so excited once we to buy a microfiber sectional couch 7 year ago. The salesman told united state microfiber couches were good with kids because you might clean that so easily.

Ha! I easily learned otherwise. Not just was ours microfiber couch not basic to clean, yet every small thing showed up! If my toddler to reduce his leaking sippy cup through milk on the couch, that left a substantial mark. Anything the spilled left a mark. Even drool or little ones sucking on the couch (And if I would scrub and also scrub, it was sluggish tedious work, specifically when the whole couch essential a deep cleaning. The courseI understand it didn’t aid that our couch was cheap microfiber –having quality product does make a difference.

But regardless, ns promised myself I’d never ever do microfiber again.

Then we relocated last summer. We ditched the old nasty couch and also moved come our new house wherein a brand-new (to us) couch awaited us. The previous owner (friends of ours) you re welcome left behind a beautiful sectional couch – the quality, expensive type we’d never have actually bought ourselves. However as luck would have it, it was a microfiber couch.

Clearly, I had actually to learn exactly how to manage this one-of-a-kind breed of furniture.

And ns have. Tiny marks and stains space still an ext obvious than I’d choose for a household couch, butI’ve learned tonot freak out as soon as I watch a brand-new stain or mark (or usuallymany)on the couch.


Today I’ll display you just how to clean a microfiber couch quite easily without unique cleaners or supplies. You many likely currently have these items about your house.



Tip:screw the spray bottle nozzle best onto the rubbing alcohol bottle. It should fit (unless you have a really large spray bottle) and it’s quicker and easier than putting the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle.


Here’s one of the many locations on mine couch that I essential to clean:

Spray the rubbing alcohol onthe stain.

This is whereby I perform it a little differently than various other sites. I use an old white prefold cloth diaper (they room my favorite cleaning cloths – we call them cleaning rags since they space so sturdy and last FOREVER) come scrub the dirty area.

I’ve check out that you canuse a clean sponge that matches the shade of the couch, yet I could never uncover a sponge the best color, to add I’m not a huge fan of sponges for cleaning (they often tend to break apart when using a many elbow grease. And also I need to use a lot that elbow grease on my couch, many thanks to my four kids.)

Scrub the dirty area the you’ve simply spray v rubbing alcohol well.


Don’t be fear to usage elbow grease. (If you space nervous exactly how this may affect the material, try that on an inconspicuous area first.)

Scrub till the stain is gone. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell due to the fact that the material is wet native the rubbing alcohol, however just shot your best. Girlfriend can constantly go an additional round with it later.)

Ew! that would have actually guessed such a little area would be so dirty?!

Let the area dry – it might take a pair hours – and then tenderness brush in circular activities with your scrub brush. This will help soften the product again.

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And that’s how you clean a microfiber couch.Pretty simple, right?


Of food if you have four kids – one who looks choose Pigpen indigenous the Peanuts gangall summer long and has literallycarried buckets of dirt and rocks right into the house {


That to be courtesy the Luke. He tries come look innocent, doesn’t he?

Seriously my negative couch!


Luke aided clean mine couch.I firmly believe that youngsters need to find out as early on as feasible to aid out approximately the home – especially to clean up after themselves. And this was no exception.

Thank goodness this an approach for clean microfiberworks for this reason well!


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Got a difficult stain? Clean right here for mine all-natural trickfor removingtough stains from microfiber!