Both Riolu and Lucario are some of the most famous Pokemon to ever before be released, yet finding them have the right to be a little tricky in Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl.

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Fiding Riolu is pretty comparable to various other rare varieties like Munchlax as it also has a unique means of gift found. In fact, the lover Fighting-type can’t be uncovered in the wild in ~ all. This way you’ll should visit a certain area if you wish to include it to your team.

While the excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes will certainly likely bring a few minor changes to Gen 4, a most the Pokemon and their capturing methods will most likely remain the same. In theory, this means that the method for obtaining Riolu need to be unchanged.

If you wish to add this feisty Fighting-type to her team or merely wish to capture ‘em all, climate we’ve obtained you covered.

How to catch Riolu in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The Pokemon CompanyLucario is qualified of delivering countless a lethal hit.

In order to evolve Riolu into Lucario, you’ll should max the end its delight level and level it up throughout the day. You can raise Riolu’s joy levels in a number of ways:

Equip the Riolu through the soothing Bell and also travel roughly with it.Use Riolu in battle.Get a massage at Ribbon Syndicate (Resort Area that the fight Zone).Feed it Kelpsy, Hondew, Tamato, Pomeg, Qualot, and also Grepa berries.

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Once you’ve maxed the end Riolu’s delight levels, you’ll be rewarded with your an extremely own Lucario.

So, there you have actually it, that’s everything you have to know around obtaining Riolu and Lucario in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.