Surgical and also EEG Glue

Removing EEG adhesive from her child’s hair-is over there anything worse? i cannot believe that we have the modern technology to actually do EEGs, but we perform not have actually a an excellent way to eliminate that damn glue from your heads, painlessly. The son has currently been v enough.

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As if kids and also parents weren’t stressed enough around having to execute an EEG, then we have to go home and figure out exactly how to get that concrete off your heads.

It’s awful, right?


I heard a an excellent tip from a mommy recently, for this reason that influenced me come ask a couple of moms what castle use. I’m likewise sharing what I usage to acquire EEG glue turn off of Kevin’s head.

What does NOT job-related to get Medical EEG glue off

First, I’m sharing 2 tips that ns was given, and also they did not work.

Acetone: This is the reminder that the EEG techs provided me. Also if you’re comfortable putting nail polishing remover on her child’s head, that didn’t job-related for me. It simply made a mess. Also, it had zero influence on removing the EEG glue from his hair. I had made certain that it to be 100% acetone, yet it didn’t work.“Just cut his head!” : once my boys were younger, we just shaved your heads every various other month or so. That was your haircut. Once, ns was struggling to get the glue off and I thought, “heck, he’s due because that a haircut anyway” and started shaving. What a mistake the was! the was prefer pulling 50 band-aids off his scalp, one by one. It was awful. Ns felt terrible. But once ns started, ns couldn’t stop since he had actually some shaved spots in his head.

Getting EEG glue out of a child’s hair:

And I’ve conserved the newest (and i hear best) guideline for last. Ns haven’t had to shot it yet due to the fact that Kevin hasn’t had actually an EEG due to the fact that I heard this tip. However she swears it come off super easy.

How to gain Medical Glue the end of Hair

Heavy lotions or creams: I have actually used Formula 2, displayed above. I generously slather that on, leaving that on as long as feasible (at least an hour). I put a towel on pillowcase and let the sleep in the if i can. The next morning, the hunks of glue just combed out. I have also used the initial Eucerin cream with the very same effects.Heavy conditioner: exact same as above. Leaving on in tub for numerous minutes if friend can, permit them beat or enjoy the shower. Climate comb the end while still using running warm water.

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Micellar Water: This is the ideal tip the I saved for last. My friend Jenny mutual it through me and also I deserve to just imagine it. She daughter was most likely resisting getting functioned on, and also Jenny just grabbed…something, anything…in the bathroom and tried it. And also it to be micellar water and she swears it functioned like a charm! ns don’t use it myself, but now I have actually a bottle in the restroom cabinet, just in case.

Do you have actually an unusual tip on just how to remove EEG adhesive from hair? permit me know and also I’ll add it!


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