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usage these techniques to remove crayon stains from her suede couch as soon as you find them. Wait could permit the stain to end up being permanant.

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It"s important to act quickly once you"ve uncovered crayon point out on your suede couch. The much longer the stain sits, the more an overwhelming it will certainly be to remove.

Suede cleaner and some ice might be every you should remove the stain, and you should constantly keep part suede cleaner top top hand if you have actually suede furniture. If friend don"t have any kind of suede cleaner handy, white vinegar have the right to serve as substitute in a pinch.

Suede Couches

Freeze the Wax

Place an ice cube in a freezer bag and set the bag on the crayon stain because that a couple of minutes. This will freeze and also harden the wax residue so you deserve to scrape that off with the dull next of a butter knife. Scrape gently and keep the knife perpendicular come the couch; don"t host it one an angle or push hard sufficient to dig into the fibers of the couch. The score is to eliminate as much wax as possible from the surface of the suede.

Use a Dab the Vinegar

Lightly dampen a white fabric in undiluted white vinegar. Always usage a clean white fabric or sponge: a colored cloth may transfer its dye onto the couch quite than soaking up the color of the crayon.

Use the cloth to blot the solvent ~ above the stain, beginning at the edges and also slowly functioning your means toward the center of the stain. Don"t saturation the cloth, as the goal is to save the couch together dry together possible. The stain need to transfer off the suede top top the cloth.

Press a clean, dried white towel into the couch once you are complete to absorb any kind of remaining vinegar.

Apply a Suede Cleaner

If any type of stain remains, emboldened a clean white towel into some suede cleaner and also blot the stain v it. Once again, job-related from the leaf of the stain toward the center. Soak increase any additional cleanser left ~ above the suede v a dried white cloth.

Brush the Couch

Brush the couch through suede brush as soon as you room done clean to restore the nap of the suede fibers. If you don"t have a suede brush, use a clean, white bristle brush in a circular, swirling motion.

Microsuede Couches

Spray Alcohol

Pour part rubbing alcohol right into a spray bottle and mist the stain completely.

Rub the Stain

Rub the stain through a new white sponge. As you do, the crayon will carry onto the sponge. Swap her sponge for a brand-new one after the collects several of the crayon to avoid spreading the stain.

Dry the Couch

Allow the couch come dry fully and climate brush it with the suede brush.

Things You will Need

ice cube Plastic bag Butter knife White towels White vinegar Suede cleaner Suede brush


Suede deserve to be a an extremely temperamental material. Always clues test any kind of cleaning solution on a hidden part of the couch to make sure you don"t do more harm 보다 good. Never ever use water come clean a suede couch.


Use a suede cleaner or a dry-cleaning solvent for sure for suede. Suede and also leather call for special cleaners and also can be damaged by dry-cleaning solvents safe for other fabrics and upholstery. Girlfriend should be able to purchase a suede furniture cleaner from any type of store the sells animal leather furniture.

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If neither the suede cleaner nor the vinegar gotten rid of the stain, speak to in a expert to remove the stain. Suede furniture is expensive, and also the danger of damaging it through the wrong cleanser is too good for experimentation. This alternative costs an ext than doing the yourself but will be well worth the invest if it conserves your i have lot of money couch.