You can get married in the video game if you would favor to, though your spouse doesn"t contribute anything to your farm. Over there are 5 marriage candidates per sex in the basic game: Elise, Jeanne, Melanie, Nova, and Tabitha for boy farmers, and also Cyril, Dean, Edmond, Gabriel, and also Gareth for girl farmers. If you are playing the Nintendo switch or playstation 4 version of the game, Soleil can likewise become a marital relationship candidate for either young farmers or girl farmers. Further, if you acquisition the DLC expansions, Michelle and the Harvest Goddess become accessible for boy farmers, and also Shirlock and Gorgan the Underworld King become available for girl farmers.

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Unfortunately, Doc isn"t a marriage candidate again *sadness*

To obtain married in the game, you"ve to raise her friendship v your liked candidate, upgrade your house, attain a Blue Feather, and then craft her wedding clothes.

Friendship Notes

To start, you"ll desire to raise your music note relationship with the human being who you want to marry. This deserve to be done by providing gifts. Just open your bag to select the article you desire to give, then pick HOLD native the food selection to location it in your hands because that gifting to your sweetie. You can provide one gift every day.

As you raise your music keep in mind level, you"ll cause romance events with the marriage candidate. The romantic events trigger at 1 music note, 2 music notes, and 3 music notes. There"s a little bit of randomness though, so it isn"t guaranteed to trigger exactly at the suggest you reach each keep in mind level. A week need to pass due to the fact that the critical event prior to you have the right to see the next event. You deserve to see much more than one candidate"s romance event in a solitary day.


At the 4th music keep in mind you can see a love confession event. You have the right to see all of the confessions because that all marital relationship candidates; city hall a confession doesn"t lock you right into marriage. Seeing this love confession will finish the friendship level need for marriage.

House Upgrades

You"ll have to upgrade the dimension of your farm residence to do room for your future spouse and any potential kids that can spawn as result of the arrangement. After ~ you have actually completed the key storyline, Doc has a large House Upgrade easily accessible in his shop:

Large House: 40 Hardwood Lumber, 5 Mithril, 10 Glass, and 85,000 G

The Blue Feather


The Blue Bird only appears on clear evenings. After you have built the huge House and wait a few days, you may dream the the Blue Bird showing up on the absent at the western coast area. When you awake, Rowan will certainly tell you the tonight is a good chance to see if the Blue Bird appears. Walk right into the western beach after 6:00 afternoon to get a Blue Feather indigenous the Blue Bird. It will automatically be added to the crucial items in her bag.


After obtaining a Blue Feather, just talk come the human you want to marry to cause the "Do you want to propose?" dialog box. Reverse marital relationship proposals aren"t in this variation of Harvest Moon, for this reason you"ve to ask for the person"s hand in marriage. You"ll go to the mountaintop for the romantic dialog and then take trip to your fiances" family"s residence to announce the engagement.

A date hasn"t been collection yet, however what room you to wear?

Wedding Clothes

Looks like you"ll need to engage Melanie"s fashion feeling to attain clothes for her wedding. Walk right into Gus" blacksmith shop once Melanie is inside to check out a reduced scene wherein you ask her about some wedding clothes. The seamstress is an ext than ready to handmade the wedding dress and also tuxedo you"ll wear during the ceremony. Gus volunteers to craft a brand-new sewing kit for his granddaughter, but needs 3 Orichalcum ORE (not 3 handle Orichalcum) to finish it. You"ll additionally be tasked with getting the items Melanie demands to craft her wedding outfits. She"ll inquiry 2 an excellent Cotton candy Wool and also 2 good Silky Fur. No of these requests will be added to her Request List; you"re just expected to remember it. Luckily talking to them again will remind girlfriend what you"re assigned to collect.

Orichalcum Ore deserve to be found by jumping to floors 46, 51, 46, 71, or 76 in the mine. Simply hit the ore nodes v your hammer to locate the asked for ore. Collect 3 Orichalcum Ore and also keep castle in her bag, together you can"t hand end the ore until you"ve both his asked for ore and also Melanie"s wool.Cotton candy Wool originates from Cotton Sheep and Silky Fur comes from Silky Donkeys. Melanie especially wants Great-quality products and also will no accept higher quality such as supreme or Miracle.

After you have actually the 3 Orichalcum Ore, 2 great Cotton liquid Wool, and also 2 good Silky fur in her bag, go ago into Gus" shop when Melanie is inside. She"ll give thanks to you because that the materials and tell you come return in 7 days.

A main later, go earlier into the blacksmith shop, whereby Melanie will certainly hand end the wedding attire she do for your ceremony. You then decide to have the wedding in another 7 days.

The Ceremony


In the morning the the booked wedding date, you and also your future spouse will dress in the suitable attire and head come the Beacon city square. Sam will proceed over the ceremony. After exchanging vows, and also an only-heard kiss, the wedding will be over.

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Back at your farm yard house, her spouse will certainly tell you your schedule and also then you"ll go to bed because that the day. Her spouse will now live with you and also be away from home based on their schedule. Because the wedding take it the whole day, her crops and farm animals will not be cared for the day. You may uncover that several of your poor-health plants wilted.