Ok ik this is a *** question yet seriously im really suspicious about this i typical in society penguin u obtain banned forever (i perform no play the crappy game) however could u get banned forever in animal jam plz answer

No girlfriend can"t obtain banned forever. Yet u can obtain reported. As soon as u get reported nothingreally happens yet after you acquire reports a couple of times castle send an email to her parentssaying that you have been bad and also stuff choose that. For this reason really, no u can"t get kicked offanimal jam.

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No friend can"t obtain banned forever. Yet u can get reported. As soon as u gain reported nothingreally happens however after you acquire reports a couple of times they send an e-mail to her parentssaying that you have actually been bad and stuff favor that. Therefore really, no u can"t gain kicked offanimal jam.

Oh yes thanks! Cuz ns was simply wondering... Yet idk virtually every virutul video game like if u saybad words favor if u acquire banned 3 time u obtain banned forever o3o-thanks

I have seen on youtube a banned accountThe notification said "you have actually been suspended from animal jam. Thi suspension is permantent"So yes girlfriend can acquire banned


Listen ns dont treatment what those mean civilization say what have i ever before done to u? ns srry if upeople think iv done something wrong i dont harm human being iv accutally arent those scammersso yea bye

I cant think you world are in reality fighting ~ above a sight exactly how ***. -. - gain a life. Ihave to be reported and banned yet only for a day. I seriously dought you can obtain bannedfrom pet jam... Forever. And also the just reason ns was prohibition peeps is due to the fact that i stated thename of a japanese song and its favor "oh you stated f*** srry friend *** and also you room bannedfor a day. " and also i was like... Oh sh*t... The name of the tune if fukai mori. I was withmy friend in real life and also they obtained pissed off at pet jam too. There is probably asmall possibility that if you say the ideal word climate you can however i dought it.

Hey anyone im mahira5 on pet jam and i obtained banned because that 3 days deserve to u beleive that?!?!!I was mad so i just went on my epicden1 account ns dont wanna wait 3 work mani observed historyon my account thingy email stuff and also it was bad language coz if u say fumking it will showup on there display screen it probably around that?(im 8 years old and im a girl)

You cannnot gain banned 4ev3r1.you obtain 3 chances as soon as u reach 4 you gain banned for 12 hours2. 5 you acquire banned because that 24 hours3. You obtain banned for an ext hoursThank god friend cant gain banned because that ever!!!

I"m sooo glad u can"t get suspended 4ever!!! reason i have actually a yes, really rare account and also i donot desire 2 begin over!!!

One day i wuz play"n on mine sister"s account 4 lik 2 seconds and i was keying in a bunch ofrandom letters favor this:hahswshdjs. And then a thing popped up and said i wuz making use of badwords. >:( . Then she got suspended 4 a day . Btw this is the girl indigenous the lastcomment.

I got banned because that live on animal jam acquire banned like 10 times and thats you the end then heresmy user name:zenny3 here my pass:history2 shot it it won"t let you on ;(it is therefore anyoiong that i obtained banned for an excellent now i only have to play stupit binweevils

Banned that banned him banned sweettiger2 on animal jam she a a *** i hate her she stated iwas scaming and a obtained banned grr and also then i was banned forever i hate her very muchreporther but if friend don walk on sign up with her next or sign up with my side she would certainly report you for nothingadd her and also see what wake up by the way my surname on amimal jam is zenny1 and a am a prettytiger

For those of friend who are living in a fantasy world, wake up! Yes you can acquire banned itsvery real. It wake up if you really carry out something bad and also you are reported many times bydifferent people. Plenty of of mine friends have actually been banned from pet jam. Btw i"m not beingmean i"m just stating the facts.

I recognize this sight is only trying come help, however ... This is a really *** topic. I meanseriously go get a life. For all of you guys information those world who are hidingbehind there computer system pretending you"re for this reason cool... You"re more than likely ... One old womanman!Get a life peeps! for those who want to write earlier don"t stroked nerves this is the critical time i"mever writing on this website. Bye people p. S take my advice

Ok friend can get suspendes for life however mine simply says her account is suspender (currently)so yes and also no i just will waight a week or so due to the fact that its friday and ya so execute not worrypeeps

I acquired suspended, and like, it just says this account has been suspended and also nothing else,and it happened last night at around 8:00, therefore it"s been an ext than 10 hours.

Omg this f*** game gets me suspended and also its been prefer what 4 f*** job omg to be imsuspended forever pls answer

Omg ns *** rely am i suspended forever pls answer my user for pet jam islolakitty77 dx im suspended because that lolakitty77 send me a jam a gram because that rainbowstormz thatsmy other nm user omg i have actually this *** game and also omg *** someone hacked julian2 andwhoever is the u trousers smell choose p. U poo! Omg *** *** u guy whomen anyway sorry iswore in this pls answer...

Oh ya u cant include me pls tell me wht taken place omg i just scammed rarely head feather uh-oh...( . )_( . )

Omg i cant talk on animal jam what the heck now exactly how am i mean to speak to my friends!!!This anit goodTee hee

Yes girlfriend can acquire suspended however not forever i have actually my conversation turned turn off cuz of flemingflamingo he got me suspended he is a tiny b ns t c h

All you need to do is walk someware public wherein e=a many of people are at and also say ythepiggest baddest native infast say every the bad wordss

You need to accept the reality that you can obtain ban 4ever f**k friend aj what go i ever before do toyou currently i lose my 2 rarely bows 2 bows and also 3 fox hats v tail amour

You can get reported but not banned oh and also my user is white77082 and also my password is 246810no spaces use it

Oiujrpqucvqnoiajvj :laqpew>=p optoy

Go to play now and log in it will and when ns log in on just log in it states im only bandedwhat the f.. K

Its relly odd my use anmeis kitty1w girlfriend me and i clud be banded for ever never walk butits tho odd

I have actually beed banned 5 times just for language so yh ns dont think u can gain banned yet imgona make another account and also give it all my things simply so ns dont get banned

I i do not know go ago on ja because i obtained baned i will tell u mine ueser: jacinda2012.When ns login is states i have been sospended d:It sucks difficult core

My friend got banned forever! I have the right to tell ajhq is not responsibly the town hall what we do, onlyjumping to conclusions! I got suspended because that litterally typing: qwerty. Really?! ns typed.Qwerty. Come on! I likewise got suspended because that dancing in decision sands. Following i think they willban me. I simply got an email saying i shared my info. Liars. Just wanna ban peeps.

Ajhq is completely lying... Over there are human being who copy my username, and hack me. Totallyunfair. Such liars! they think ns cussed by typing, ""qwerty"". Ns am so quitting...

I gained suspended on aj! It claimed i was permanently suspended indigenous aj. I hate ajhq *** youajhq!!! Omg i simply cussed top top this... Whoops...

My account is banned... I got a *** email saying that ns was doing inappropriate stuffon aj... *** you ajhq. And also i had actually rare mech point of view wings and a rare gold bow... Still...*** girlfriend ajhq

I play roblox a lot and im a brand-new jammer. And animal jam is annoying me. Tats why imlooking at this. U might get banned forever. If u store on act it and also doing it and also doingit end over over. When u obtain unbanned over over. U will be terminated



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