If you’ve ever before wanted to acquire backstage in ~ concerts, then you’re reading the right article. 


That’s since you’re about to find my 5 easy but proven tips for getting backstage at concerts. 

And the an excellent news is the these tips works even if you have no skills or experience. 

Read on… 

Look confident 

Without a backstage pass, the is extremely unlikely that you will obtain through to the backstage. 

However, because that you to blag through the security, you must look believable and appear confident so the the defense can believe your tales around a forgotten ‘pass’ or a far-off family connection. 

First, try and stride v with her head hosted high there is no engaging the security at all. You can fake a phone speak to or execute anything that have the right to make the seem favor you belong there.  

2. Get acquainted with the assistance band 

Typically, support bands space less popular than the main artist.  

Most the them space either young and inexperienced plot or a neighborhood band. However, the support bands are usually offered a specified variety of passes for any kind of gig.  

Hence, girlfriend can end up being (or plot like) a big fan the the band some few weeks before the show. You can be lucky to be provided one the the passes. 

Thus, you deserve to bump right into the key artist in ~ the backstage. 

3. Be early 

For most tool and huge site concerts, their bands and crew must work for a entirety day. Presume the stage time for a gig is 9:00 pm, it is extremely likely the the band will begin performing sound checks at 4:00 pm. They should have also arrived at the venue an hour earlier.  

To enhance your opportunities of obtaining a backstage pass, that is better for you to get to the venue really early. If you’re lucky, you might just record the band gaining out of their tourism buses.  

Hence, friend can strike up a good conversation with a significant member of the band. I have the right to assure you that you will discover one that the tape members smoking in the parking area. 

Also, friend can catch the artists together they exit the “gig” phase by identify the location where the tourism buses space parked. Hint: that is normally at the back of the meet close come the stage door.  

One various other reason why I suggest you come at an early stage is come scope the area come identify areas of lax defense where you can enter through ease. 

4. Avoid being “Ghermed 

Being “Ghermed” means marketing yourself as well hard. If you’ve controlled to gain to the backstage and you’re trying so difficult to gain the DJ to examine out her mixtape. Girlfriend will lose all your credibility because you’re do the efforts to offer yourself too hard. 

Don’t think the a skilled DJ or music executive will certainly think twice around checking the end your mixtape as soon as nobody is ready to execute so on SoundCloud or twitter. 

Your very first step is to familiarize yourself through the DJ or music executive. Then, if during your discussion, you have the right to introduce yourself and also what friend do, friend can present the DJ her mixtape.  

5. Uncover the an additional entrance 

There are world (such together VIPs, DJs or festival organizers) that paid extra bucks so the they can skip the present or be offered an alternating entrance.

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You will have to discover this alternative entrance. 

Bonus Tip: have actually A safety and security Net 

Since that is likely that you will obtain caught. Hence, I suggest you buy your concert tickets beforehand in case you obtain kicked out, you can get in again utilizing your ticket pass.  

However, make certain you space not entering v entry being ‘manned’ by the protection guard who threw you out. 

If you have no option than to pass with that entrance, you better hope the the security guy cannot recognize you again. 


And there you have actually it – 5 proven advice to acquire backstage in ~ concerts. 

Now the you know how to gain backstage in ~ concerts, there’s just one thing left because that you to do: act.