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Help no I deserve to not get the balancer come budge the little bit. The is a big block v a TCI rattler balancer. I have actually a balancer removal tool on there and also I also tried my impact wrench on the tool, collection at 450 ft-lbs. Then ns tried a breaker bar and 4" of pipe. Ns bent the large center bolt top top the puller. Do the efforts a torch also. Nothing will certainly budge it. Any an excellent tricks the end there?Jim R.------------------My 70 Chevelle

Big O Dave------------------God, Family, Country, Chevrolet... And also Volvos with tiny Blocks in them. To paraphrase the Chrismas carol:"Oh what fun it is to ride through a surprise Chevrolet!"
Jim, very first take the bolt out!! just kidding.... Big blocks usually have actually a genuine tight balancer fit, her going to have actually to gain a monster puller, no a china, components store piece, something indigenous a major tool co, snap on, mac etc. Soaking the front through penetrating spray (PB Blaster)and making use of some leverage (pipe) and an impact socket ~ above a breaker bar. Your doing the appropriate things, simply need to improve the tools. If every else fails, take it the engine out of the car, eliminate the oil pan and with a sledge hammer wail top top the balancer..... LOL, DOH!!!

You need some warmth Epi! gain out the firewrench! Seriously, warm it (balancer) up an excellent with a torch and also use the puller. It"ll come right off.------------------Triple black color 69 SS 396
1969 Chevelle SS 396 A government large enough to provide you whatever you want, is strong enough come take whatever you have...........Thomas Jefferson

OK, ns sprayed the crank/damper through penetrating fluid, let that sit because that a couple of hours, boil the thing up v my torch, supplied a bigger peice that pipe and leaned top top it. Hey, its the was just that big center bolt top top the puller twisting and also galling the threads. Ok, i am turn off to search for a better puller. Ns hope this works. What bugs me is the reality that i have had actually this point off the crank around 4 time in the last 10 years. Never had actually to fight with it though

Epi,I recognize this is going come sound stupid, however make details that over there is not a washer in the balancer. Periodically the washer for the damper bolt will gain "crusted" in place and also you can not tell the is there. If that is there, you will be pushing against the washer through the removed tool, and it will never budge.....been there, excellent that as they say. Simply one more thing come check.Rat dampers room tight, but it should have actually come turn off if you have done whatever you have actually so far.------------------Bill KoustenisAdvanced Automotive MachineWaldorf Md1971 hefty Chevy - initial ownerTeam Chevelle #100
Bill KoustenisAdvanced Automotive an equipment Waldorf Md - Enginerepairshop.com1971 hefty Chevy - original owner 1984 Riviera - initial owner - Wife"s automobile

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These write-ups remind me of a male that i supplied to get to work on my vehicle - he functions for the local county vehicle maint crew. Anyway, that said once they had actually to pull pitman eight on big vehicles (like recording trucks), lock would put the puller on and also crank down on it, spray under the arm through something choose yeild, and also go have lunch. An hour or therefore later, you"d right here this huge racket native the garage, and there would certainly be the puller and also arm layin on the floor...

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