Robin is a former third grade teacher, has actually a masters in Education, and has three kids of she own.

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Birthday and Christmas gifts for 8- and also 9-Year-Old Girls

Having 3 girls (one being in the 3rd grade), I understand the prominence of purchase the right gift because that an 8- or 9-year-old. Obviously, no all girls have the exact same interests, for this reason I've compiled this list and categorized the gifts into multiple categories so friend can find the best gift because that girls with various interests. We either have or have bought every gift that i recommend—I hope you can discover the appropriate one for your special third grader! below are some principles for:

Artsy GirlsSporty GirlsGirly GirlsIntellectual GirlsQuirky Girlsand, the finest Books for 3rd Grade Girls


Best Artsy Craftsy gifts for third Grade Girls

Most 8- and 9-year-old girl love to execute art projects. These room the art presents that we have bought or own and also love:

Origami kits—our girls love developing origami. We have even done origami Valentine's work cards because that the kids in her class. Our girls love developing dream catchers v origami paper.Art case—the art instance that we bought was from Costco. It was a good deal at 19.99 and also had everything that a budding artist would certainly love: pencils of every shades, pastels, crayons, erasers, paints, paintbrushes, and also paper.Rainbow Loom—while the girls loved creating bracelets, they have moved on to producing keychains with the rainbow loom. Their favorite videos are from a woman called Made by Mommy. I have attached among her videos, too.Most cities have art lessons because that kids. Arrange because that a sooner or later art lesson, or examine out the art studio for supplies. Where we live there is a an excellent art studio the sells every type of arts product you can want. Our daughter love receiving a real canvas and paints. Be sure to talk to the art teacher around products though, numerous oil paints need special cleaning supplies for the brushes.Buddha Board—our 12-year-old received this gift from her uncle, but every one of our girl love to play with it. Create on the board through water and also it dries leave a blank canvas come keep creating art work. There room mini Buddha Boards together well—this is what us have.A trip to a museum in your city or town. What is better for a budding artist 보다 to watch the actual deal. Experiences space my favorite gifts, and also taking your kid or her child and her friend to lunch and a museum is a terrific gift. We space lucky and have exceptional museums in the only Area, yet most towns have some type of museum to visit. If friend don't, shot to speak to a neighborhood artist and see if you can visit your studio—it will be eye opening for everyone!Our girl love their lap desks from pottery Barn. They keep all of their art offers in them and also they space also good for homework!

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Gifts because that sporty 8- and also 9-year-old girls: A Lululemon headband is a good gift for athletic girls.

Robin Edmondson

Gifts because that Athletic Girls

Our girl love sports. Lock play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and also snow ski. Finding the right gift because that a sporty girl is usually relatively easy. Here are the gifts that we love:

An athletic sweatshirt that her favourite sporting team. We room Giants pan in the bay Area and also our girls constantly love to get Giants gear. Jerseys are expensive, yet you can usually find local team sweatshirts in ~ Target or Costco in ~ much far better prices 보다 at various other retailers.Tickets come a regional college game. Us went to plenty of Stanford women's soccer games this year and they to be amazing! The girls loved seeing the competition and also the ticket were very reasonable.A ball—whether it's a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, or softball depends on the girl and her sport. Our girls love come play soccer and also we have numerous soccer balls. This is a bit obvious, however balls execute go level easily, therefore it's always nice to have a spare.Over the Door Basketball Hoop—we love this gift and have given it multiple times.Headband—most sporty girls require a great headband the won't slip. Us have discovered that the ideal headbands because that girls have the right to be uncovered at Lululemon. They are pricy for a headband ($12), however make a good gift that many parents won't buy for their own kids.If the girl has a Wii, the just Dance Game is a the majority of fun because that the whole family! Our girl love playing it and also it's a good workout!

My Top gifts for Feminine Girls

I don't think I'd classify our girls together truly girly, but they execute like feminine things. Here's a list of their favorite girly gifts:

Mani and Pedi gift certificate. Ideally, you'd take her for a mani/pedi, but if this does't work, a gift certificate is a good gift!Hair chalk and also hair accessories—we have received and also given hair chalk to a number of girls and it's constantly a hit. The last kit we bought to be from Costco and also it to be a good deal. Hair chalk is likewise a good small gift to tie in your bow on height of her present.A scarf—in the photograph above, my daughter got a super cute scarf to go through her outfit. Nordstrom has good scarves that would certainly be an excellent for kids.Make-up kit—our girls love playing dress up and wearing makeup. Ns recommend going come Target and also buying genuine make-up, no a kid make-up kit. Necessary or organic makeup is constantly a an excellent idea to mitigate the adjust of any type of skin reactions. We have bought the son make-up kits before and they have been an extremely poor in quality. I also recommend the make-up remover wipes to eliminate the make-up prior to bedtime!Purse—there space a most purse making kits for sale, yet I introduce buying a real purse or wallet. Ours 9 year old loves moving her purse and keeping she money and also gift cards in it—she feels therefore grown up!

Gifts for pundit Girls

What around the girl that isn't into sports and also doesn't like the girly stuff? here are our picks for the best gifts for the girl the likes to use her mind when she plays:

The settlers of Catan board Game—this is among our favorite board gamings that is fun and intellectually stimulating. There is fairly a little bit of strategy that requirements to take place in order come win, yet the game keeps your attention and also is fun for the whole family! if it's a bit on the pricey side, it's been hours of fun for our family and educational for united state all. The rules state it's for 2-4 players, however we play v a larger group in teams.Butterfly garden—with the purchase of the garden, you get a voucher for caterpillars. It's a an excellent project to watch the metamorphosis of the butterfly from caterpillar, come chrysalis, to butterfly. Plus, you can use the garden lot of times.Leather journal and a quite pen or pencil. Our 9 year old loves she journal and also uses it come draw and also write poetry.Chess board—our girl love to play chess, and a new board is a an excellent gift. We have a couple of chess boards and also a good chess app that lock bought on iTunes.iTunes gift card because that books, apps, and also music. If the girl you room buying for has actually an itouch, gift cards come the itunes gift save are constantly a an excellent idea.Ant farm—we have had a couple of ant ranches in the past. I think the blue gel farms are the best.

Best publications for 3rd Graders

Our 9-year-old is an avid reader; I have actually to force her to walk to sleep at night because she is therefore engrossed in her books. Here are her optimal 11 favourite books:

Wonder: Soon to it is in a movie, this publication is a favorite of our 9- and also 12-year-old. Wonder is a story the a young boy challenged with disabilities and his journey starting school for the first time.Where the hill Meets the Moon by elegant Lin: This publication is beautifully illustrated and also follows a young Chinese girl and her trip to change her family's fortune.So it is in It by sarah Weeks: This is a exorbitant book around a young girl whose mother is holy ghost disabled and also her means of constantly moving in the ideal direction.The institution of an excellent and Evil through Soman Chainani: This is a story the the schooling of the good and evil characters in fairy tales. Our daughter can't put this book down right now, yet it is a little scary.The BFG by Roald Dahl: A favorite amongst most 3rd graders, it's the story that the huge Friendly Giant and also his pursuit to save his new friend Sophie. It's funny and a favorite in ours household.The Dork Diaries: These room written in the layout of Diary the a Wimpy Kid, not a favourite of mine, yet our 9-year-old has actually read every book.Whatever After collection by Mlynowski: Again, not one of my favorites, however they are fun, basic reads around different Disney characters like eye White, sleeping Beauty, and Ariel.A Pizza the dimension of the Sun by Jack Prelutsky: among the ideal children poets of every time. He's funny, clever, and also our girl love reading and memorizing his poetry!The Giver: We check out this book aloud. The Giver, now a movie, adheres to the life that a 12 year old boy, Jonas, and also his life in a look at perfect human being of conformity until he meets the male who holds every one of the storage of the past and realizes perhaps his human being isn't therefore perfect.

Unique presents for the Quirky Girl

Fedora or a funky hat. Our 9-year-old is really into hats and loves she fedora!Fun glasses and also accessories—you can see exactly how much fun the girls are having actually in the above pic in their new glasses.Magic set—most youngsters love a an excellent magic trick. A good kit we have bought in ~ Costco was by Criss Angel.Musical instrument—most youngsters love music. Our girls play the piano and also guitar, however the ukulele is a an excellent place to start.Bouncing Juggling Bubbles—our girls love this bubbles ideal now. Since of the glove, the balloon don't pop easily and also they have actually contests who can juggle the longest. The only downside is that you should buy a distinct bubble equipment for the bubbles to work-related properly. We've tried typical bubble solution and also it doesn't job-related as well.

Video of our Daughter paris the Cx-10 Helicopter

Questions & Answers

Question: What around gifts because that tomboy girls?

Answer: any type of of the gifts in the sporty girl or pundit girl sections will occupational for tomboys. Our girl are certainly not girly, so most of these presents will job-related for girls the like similar things as boys. One of our new favorite gifts is a swollen water bottle. There are awesome new designs!

Have any kind of other ideas? please share them below!

Brianna ~ above April 08, 2020:

this is a great site my 8 year old sister's birthday is coming up and also this helped me the end alot!!!!!!!

Audrey ~ above November 06, 2018:

Great ideas! I have a fourth grader/9 year old girl and also found many gifts currently given come her and some new ideas :)

Tim Truzy native U.S.A. On respectable 02, 2018:

Hi, Robin,

Excellent ideas. I love them all for mine children. I shot to tap right into my children's tactile sense as soon as they have actually play time - the girls love do silly things out of pat Dough. They likewise love composing stories and also asking me to check out them great in class. These ideas are no just good for parents, yet for teacher who desire to have actually rewards and strategies for inspiring young minds.

I've motivated my students to usage the success 10 Voice Recorder application to assist my children with keep in mind taking and also IPhone apps. I let them pretend to be human being in different careers - journalists, writers, politicians, researchers - to store them engage even during play.

That's why i dropped by, ns figured something great was wait to aid me be responsive in the class and as an uncle v two nieces.



HKSUEIH on march 09, 2018:

Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco top top January 11, 2018:

Thanks, Leah! That is among our pure favorites, too. I review it aloud come the girl a few years ago—so good!

Leah Lefler from Western new York ~ above January 11, 2018:

I love gifting experiences over objects. Because I have actually two boys, this article is extremely advantageous for date of birth ideas! The One and also Only Ivan is one more excellent book selection for this age range. It is just one of our favorite books!

Rebecca Graf native Wisconsin ~ above October 12, 2017:

Thank you. My nephew just embraced several children who are roughly that age. I essential this.

Helga Silva from USA top top December 11, 2015:

Love every one of your gift ideas. Great hub.

Kristen Howe indigenous Northeast Ohio on august 16, 2015:

Great ideas, Robin! actual useful and voted up!

Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco on march 28, 2015:

Thanks, Rebekah! I'm constantly wondering what come buy the boys in our lives, for this reason I thought I should share my girl ideas (even though many of them job-related for boys, too!) none of my girls are very girly— i agree that most girls will certainly fit into multiple categories. I love all of the strong, passionate, smart, young girls that ns am around! many thanks again! :)

rebekahELLE indigenous Tampa just on march 28, 2015:

Robin, this is fantastic! What a great resource because that the young girls in our lives. I love that you have actually used the products and also have castle categorized. I think many girls fit into all of these categories. I'll be sharing this for my friends/family. Many thanks again, this is so helpful!

Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco on march 05, 2015:

I agree, Alison. The Giver is among the ideal books I've check out in a long time. Ns think because that a third grader, it absolutely should be a read-a-loud. Over there are significant themes the are an excellent discussion starters.

Alison Monroe on march 05, 2015:

The Giver, what a great book. It says every little thing your parents teach you can be wrong. It's a relief to have the ability to discuss it v kids.

Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco on in march 02, 2015:

Thanks, colorfulone. Our girl really perform love every one of the assets I suggested. Having three girl that space all various helped to complete the list! :)

A Playstation sounds fun! back the girls execute play some games on your devices, lock aren't the in come playstation and also wii. They execute like the dancing games though! :)

Susie Lehto from Minnesota on march 02, 2015:

This is a great hub. Ns love every the gift ideas for girls, the photos, and also the means you have presented a few products.

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Jake Michael Peralta from Indio, California on in march 02, 2015:

My uncle and aunt just gave my cousin a playstations 1 once she was 8. Probably due to the fact that of me.