Every Valentine"s Day, us ask kids about LO-V-E. An ext than 4,300 of you comment to our survey this year and also one point was clear: Liking someone — or having actually someone favor you — can be soooooooo embarrassing. Just how embarrassing? sufficient to make kids blush, hide in the restroom at school, or even feel choose throwing up. Nothing romantic around that!

Here space some cases that make youngsters uncomfortable:

acquiring a phone call call, email, or keep in mind from someone that likes you. Admitting the you prefer someone and finding out he or she only likes you together a friend. Acquiring turned under after questioning someone to dance. Talking on the call to who you like and also having your mom pick increase the phone! hearing false rumors the you like someone or when people talk about how you choose a certain person.

Most children Say They have a Crush

About 80% of youngsters say they have a to like on someone. A lot of boys and also girls feeling private around their crushes, through 40% saying they keep their feeling quiet. However 60% said they speak to others around the people they like. This deserve to lead to problems.

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Nick, 10, stated he felt embarrassed and angry when world started talking around how he has a like on a particular girl. Brandon, 10, stated he was embarrassed as soon as a girl made funny of him and how lot he chosen her in prior of the whole class.

It do Katherine desire to cry when her ideal friend yelled the end that she liked Ray. "I don"t think anyone heard. She"s tho my best friend," stated Katherine, 12.

Clare, 11, knew over there was problem the work she experienced a team of cool boys whispering and pointing in ~ her. Later on that day, she uncovered out one of them started rumors the he and Clare were "deeply in love."

"I was so embarrassed that i hid in the washroom for many of the day!" she said.

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A sour Note?

Passing notes also seems to result in a many embarrassment. Emily 12, acquired a love keep in mind from a boy, responded the she favored him too, but then the teacher recorded the note and also read that aloud! Emily stated she to be embarrassed, yet couldn"t aid finding that a little funny.

"I went bright red and also so did he," she said.

Sanela, 10, has had actually two ashamed moments. One, as soon as someone left a love note on she desk. Everyone was looking in ~ her and she was so concerned she dropped all her art provides on the floor. One more time, a boy offered her a rose at a brand-new Year"s eve party.

"He wouldn"t take it it back...In fact, the was my many embarrassing moment ever!" Sanela said.

And you have the right to imagine exactly how Diana, 12, felt when a boy sent out her a note that said, "I love you, Honeybee."

Fight Embarrassment!

Based on our survey, below are some tips for staying clear of embarrassment and helping other world do the same:

shot not come make fun of others or spread rumors about who likes whom. (It"s challenging to avoid, yet remember exactly how it feels when it wake up to you.) If someone says they prefer you, but you don"t choose them, shot to tell them in a type way. If you like someone, consider that person"s feelings. It"s good if the human likes friend back. Yet if your attention provides the human being feel uncomfortable or angry, try to back off. Talk to a parental or a reliable adult if you need assist or advice.

When a young likes her and also she doesn"t choose him, Stephanie, 12, tries to handle it in a nice way.

"I will certainly still speak to him...Normally, people avoid them," she said.

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Boy + Girl = Friends

It"s perfectly typical for boys and girls to start liking every other during the preteen years. It"s an extremely new, so it can feel aer or strange. It"s likewise fine if youngsters feel too young come get involved in this lovey-dovey stuff. The great news is that virtually all youngsters think girls and also boys can be friends.

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Among boys that took our survey, 85% say they have friends who room girls. And among girls, 90% to speak they have friends who are boys. That"s a good way to obtain to understand each other and for girl to start expertise boys and boys come start expertise girls.

Legend, a 12-year-old girl, put it this way: "With guys, you mainly play games more, and also joke around means more. Because that example, if you placed two girl (who are friends) together alone in a room, they might start talking and chatting. If you put a guy and also girl (who are friends) in a room, the guy"d most likely want come play basketball with a document ball or something."

A girl and also a guy just hanging out play trashcan basketball? that sounds prefer a slam-dunking friendship come us. Happy Valentine"s Day!