I’ve been functioning on a yes, really quick small bathroom upgrade for the critical month or so, and also of course, favor on any project, there were lots of small imperfections. I learned a lengthy time ago that caulking is your best friend for filling gaps and also covering increase mistakes, especially in an old home like ours wherein nothing is square. I believed I knew what ns was doing as soon as I started, yet I uncovered quite a few little things that made the task easier and look a lot far better in the end. For this reason I thought I’d share!

First of all, there room two means that you deserve to do your caulking: before painting and finishing, and afterwards. Due to the fact that I’d already done my painting and also was simply trying come cover increase the yucky bits, I made decision this silicone since I liked exactly how it stated “permanently WATERPROOF”. That’s gotta it is in a an excellent thing, right? The just thing v this form is the it’s super slick and shiny when it dries and doesn’t do really well if you shot to paint over it. For this though, it was perfect.

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The very first time ns tried to usage caulking, I cut the small tip off and also then couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t get it come work. Turns out there’s additionally a small membrane inside the you should pierce. There need to be a tiny piercer knife that swings the end of the bottom of your caulking gun for that. P.S. Isn’t my new bath mat neat?

So here’s a tiny look at several of the “before” shots. I had actually to remove a whole lot of wallpaper and tiny bits to be left top top the edge of the brick there. Likewise these old walls are in pretty stormy shape, yet they won’t be changed until “bathroom reno 2.0” happens, so I assumed I’d just try to make the whole thing look an ext presentable by extending up what ns could.

This is what I normally do as soon as I perform caulking. I lay down a slim bead and also then use my finger to smoosh it until it’s smooth.

Two things are wrong v this: 1) If you check out the tube, you’re not an alleged to in reality touch the caulking through your ceiling skin. Oops. I obtained a latex mechanic’s glove that I discovered in mine stash of tools. This made the pretty hard actually cause the gloves was means too big. I usually have smaller gloves around, however I ran out, therefore I ended up using my finger anyway. Poor me.

The various other thing wrong through this approach (2) is that it didn’t end up spring so good for one after repaint job kind of finish. Especially not when you’re ~ above the boarder of two different colors. Over there was sort of a lightly combined shiny white line rather of a nice crisp clean line. Yet I learned!

I take it the same method as I normally take as soon as I carry out something favor a bath bath tub and I tape-recorded off whereby I wanted my heat to end. Then I placed down the bead of caulking (sometimes, I put a little too much, obviously) and also smoothed the out. If you’re in search of a really an excellent explanation of exactly how to caulk a bathtub, by the way, my girlfriend Ann walk a an excellent post on the a couple of mainly ago. I execute it practically the precise same way.

A lot of human being only think of making use of caulking on things choose bath tubs, sinks, and windows, yet you really can use the on just around any DIY residence project to acquire a nice perfectly perfect look. Here’s whereby my winter meets the wall. The was simply looking not so clean and also newly refreshed.

You’re just acquiring all kinds of sneak peeks that this toilet today currently aren’t you?

Here’s after i did the caulking and tape thing:

Okay, i ripped a little of the paint off together with the tape. Oops again! conveniently fixable though once I go through and also do my last couple of touch ups.

One last little revelation ns had: once you’re laying down your bead that caulking, you want to relocate in the same direction as you’re squirting through your gun. Therefore that means that together you squirt a small out, you immediately smooth the over v the guideline of the gun. It sound counter-intuitive, however it really makes for a lot much less waste and a lot less mess. I’ve always felt favor I must put under a perfect bead and also then smooth the after, yet there’s no need! It renders for a lot less unhealthy finger smoothing later on too.

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Don’t forget to open up a home window as well while the caulking is curing! This to be a brand-new one for me too, I need to admit. Oh the points you learn when you actually check out the packaging, right?

Some good tips, thanks! have you tried any type of caulk finishing tools rather of your finger? I just ordered the Cramer Fugi set


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