Once cocaine hits the roads in America, that is often reduced with a bunch that agents come buff that out. This offers dealers a larger profit.

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Cocaine purity hovered around 69% in 2004. However, in current years, purity levels have actually gone up. It’s much much easier to get higher quality drugs.

Still, it’s practically impossible to acquire pure cocaine. Any kind of coke purchase on the roads will contain various other chemical agents in them. These cutting agents might cause an unfavorable reactions in ~ the body.

Learn much more about cutting agents and also their effects here. We’ll additionally explore exactly how pure coke influence the body.

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How Coke Is Made and Delivered come America

Pure coke is make from coca leaves that have the right to be harvest in just three countries: Bolivia, Colombia, and also Peru. It’s likewise commonly referred to as coke or blow.

Turning coca leaves into powder cocaine entails three steps.

Coca leaves space made right into coca pasteCoca paste is rendered right into a cocaine baseCocaine base becomes cocaine hydrochloride

The entire procedure involves the use of chemicals prefer sulfuric acid, salt carbonate, kerosene, and also potassium permanganate.

According to data accumulated in 2014, coca farmers receive all over from $1.30 come $3.00 per kilogram that coca leaves. In between 450 come 600 kilograms that coca pipeline are needed to make 1 kilogram that cocaine base. This way that the base cost for cocaine base is at most $1,800.

The proportion for convert cocaine base into cocaine hydrochloride is 1:1. This method that the base expense for a brick of coke is around $1,800. That’s tho a much cry native the expense of a brick, or 1 kilogram, the coke in America.

To turn a profit, Colombian dealers sell one kilogram the pure cocaine for roughly $2,200 come $7,000 at Colombian ports. The closer come the port, the much more expensive the cocaine becomes, together it is much much more accessible. Those who acquisition cocaine indigenous the jungles will gain much much better prices.

The kilogram the coke will certainly then have to pass v Mexico before it can hit the roadways of America. In America, the price rises to $24,000 to $27,000 when purchased wholesale. In ~ this part of the it is provided chain, the brick of coke is still fairly pure.


The Comedown that Abusing Pure Cocaine

There’s both good news and bad news once it boils down to the comedown associated with snorting pure cocaine.

The poor news is that high-quality, pure cocaine generally causes a fairly bad comedown. That not uncommon to feel glum and depressed. Pure medicine significantly an increase chemical and neurotransmitter levels within the brain. To recuperate from this man-made boost, users will feel range of an unfavorable reactions. Most feel washed out, while others feel the personality is bad or paranoid. It’s to it is in expected.

The an excellent news — or semi-good news — is that addicts won’t feeling the extra side results that come through cutting agents. They likewise won’t have to deal with the potential dangers involved with mixing numerous drugs together. Because that example, fentanyl-laced cocaine have the right to be an extremely deadly.

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It’s negative News either Way

Regardless of whether an addict is snorting pure or cut cocaine, it’s poor news one of two people way. The chemical results of both deserve to irreversibly damage the body, particularly when the is offered for long periods the time. Irreversible addicts will face an ext intense withdrawals and also suffer from much more severe next effects.

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Quitting is no as simple as the looks. Those who space addicted and looking to gain sober need to speak to among our counselors immediately. Our counsellors can aid assess various instances to recognize what the ideal course of action may be.