Today we are going to take a deeper delve right into the fashion styles of 1980s and 90s Los Angeles gang culture. A fascinating topic for fans of gangsta rap and hip-hop fashion. Favor Snoop Dogg"s brand-new album states "Let"s make America Crip Again".

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Different L.A. Gang formats from the 80s

"The County and City of Los Angeles are the “gang capital” of the nation"

Mainly there are 3 gangs well-known in mainstream culture the Bloods, the Crips and also chicano or "cholo" gangs. We"re going to take a look at these three now. They each have actually their signature color. Examine it out! 


The crips room a mostly african-american gang who wear the color blue to display their affiliation. They were founded in Los Angeles and have an estimated 30,000 - 35,000 members.


The collection of Michael Jackson"s "How You make Me Feel" video (1987)

Michael Jackson as soon as hung out through some crips ~ above the collection of his "How You make Me Feel" video clip shoot in 1987. The hand gestures they are doing are recognized as "throwing up her set" i m sorry is intended to signal their individual gang affiliation and also what turf castle lay claim to. In the video you have the right to see Michael and the crip gang members chasing girl on graffiti covered highways in the within city. 

"Michael Jackson as soon as hung out through some crips in a video shoot"

Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound, also known as D.P.G.C. - Dogg pound Gangsta Crip, will often rock gang associated fashion in the shade blue such as bandanas or hankerchiefs, blue Chuck"s (Converse All-Stars), khaki pants and also plaid shirts. 

"Snoop Dogg and the Dogg lb will regularly rock gang connected fashion"


Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound reflecting their colors


The Bloods additionally known together (OBF) original blood family members are an additional primarily african-american Los Angeles gang. They have actually a estimated 20,000 come 25,000 gang members.

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Some actual Bloods speak in a Ford pointing a gun

"The bloods love to wear red and also they like to wear apparel from sporting activities teams that have actually a the majority of red in your logos such together the Chicago Bulls, the san Francisco 49"ers and also the Philadelphia Phillies"


Death heat CEO Suge Knight and the legend Tupac Shakur


The infamous fatality Row documents CEO Suge article is known for reppin his community colors on countless occasions. The is native Compton and was watched in one TMZ video wearing a sweatshirt that claims "BOMPTON" a mix of the indigenous Compton and also blood. Other times Suge would certainly wear red suits and dress shoes ago in the fatality Row days with his homies 2Pac and also Snoop Dogg once they supplied to hang out in casinos and night clubs.

"Suge would wear red suits back in the death Row days"

 Chicano Gangs

This December 11, 1988 Los Angeles times piece insurance claims that chicano corridor members outnumber the crips and bloods combined. Wether or not that is true one thing is for sure and also that is that they have actually a unique style of dressing. They usage bandanas, plaid shirt with only the top switch buttoned, khaki shorts, white knee socks. These signature chicano or "cholo" styles are prominently featured in the 1988 L.A. Gang movie "Colors" starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall. 

"Cholos wear plaid shirt with just the top button buttoned, khaki shorts, white knee socks"