My family is definitely a large fan that Star Wars. So, finding brand-new ways to do a light saber is among my kids favorite things.

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Whether they are battling v their lightsabers, munching top top them, or maintaining them as lightsabers, we absolutely enjoy these DIY lightsaber crafts and also so will you and your tiny ones! They’re so lot fun!


Light Sabers

In situation you’re not a Star wars fan, a irradiate sabers are the an option weapon of the Jedi’s and Sith i m sorry are essentially the an excellent guys and bad males (or vice versa depending upon how you look at it.) Think sword, however colorful thanks to it’s Kyber Crystal, and made that plasma….and renders really cool sounds once it is swung.

However, while we can’t have actually a genuine light saber, which may be a an excellent thing, we have the right to make cool irradiate sabers at home with these fun Star wars crafts!

15 Cool means To do A light Saber


Lightsaber Freezer Pops

Perfect for the summer, these light saber frozen pop holders store your hands warm while you snack. Lightsaber freezer pops space a good way come cool off this summer and also are a lot of fun, and also the pop holders likewise make them a tiny less messy, win! via Kids activities Blog

Make Your very own Lightsaber Popsicle

You can even make a light saber popsicle! make your own lightsaber popsicle utilizing this mold! it is pretty much the coolest thing ever! friend could also use different shade juices come make different colored irradiate sabers prefer red, blue, green, yellow, or purple!

DIY Star wars Decorations

Make a light saber napkin wrap to hold the perfect Star battles party! this DIY Star wars decorations space so cute and also the best component is, they’re even less complicated to make. Via catch My Party

Make A Lightsaber using Balloons

Another fun party craft for a Star wars party room these balloon irradiate sabers. Girlfriend can conveniently make a lightsaber using balloons, stickers, and also tape! i love this…so fun!! Plus, you deserve to avoid any ouches v balloon fights. Via Offbeat Home

Star battles Pen that Looks like A Lightsaber

Want a Star wars Pen the looks prefer a lightsaber? well you’re in luck, due to the fact that perfect handmade to do for youngsters in college are this light saber pens. No to mention, they likewise make impressive party favors for Star battles themed party. Via Kids tasks Blog

Make A light Saber with Hama Beads

Make a irradiate sabers through Hama beads. Love this project! You deserve to make single lightsabers, twin headed ones, and can use any color. Dnd the best component is they’re not only fun to make, yet would additionally make good keepsakes, party favors, or keychains. Via Pinterest

Lightsaber because that Kids

Make your own lightsaber because that kids. You can customize your own light saber through a few things from about the house – full cost only $2. Not to mention, this lightsaber for youngsters are insanely straightforward to make. Via Crazy little Projects


Lightsaber bubble Wands

How cool! ns absolutely love these. You have the right to make lightsaber bubble wands that would certainly make the perfect party favor! They’re cheap to make, supervisor cool, and also a good way to gain your kids outside come play. Via The Contemplative Creative

How To construct A Lightsaber utilizing Pool Noodles

We can show you just how to develop a light saber making use of pool noodles. You deserve to use left over swimming pool noodles and black color tape to make some really cool light sabers. Or to buy a pair extra this summer for swimming pool light saber fights! via Kids tasks Blog

Build your Saber utilizing Pipe Insulation

If you can’t uncover pool noodles (maybe throughout the cooler months) you deserve to follow this good tutorial to make them v pipe insulation. If you construct your saber using pipe insulation, it’ll be very comparable to the swimming pool noodle lightsaber. Via Raise castle Up

Rainbow Lightsaber Keychains

Here is a really fun way to do a light saber: through your rainbow loom! Love this. You deserve to make rainbow lightsaber keychains v rubber bands. Make a lightsaber because that everyone! It would be such a cute little gift particularly with may the 4th coming up. Via Frugal funny 4 Boys


How To make A Homemade Lightsaber because that Kids

Want to know exactly how to make a homemade lightsaber for kids? You can make vivid light sabers is with wrapping paper! My children tend to battle with the wrapping record tubes anyway, therefore why no make the epic! via Kids tasks Blog

Light Saber pretzels

Make a delicious snack with these light saber pretzels – yum! You might use small pretzel rods or large ones and you can make them any kind of color v candy melts! You might make blue ones, green, ones, or also red ones! via I should Be Mopping The Floor

Lightsaber Candy

This lightsaber liquid is perfect because that party donate bags! wrap Smarties in this unique method to make tiny delicious light sabers! They’re actually super cute and not that difficult to do. Via Jadelouise Designs

Star wars Veggies

Light saber veggies! This is for this reason cool – just wrap a tiny aluminum foil on the finish of celery or carrots. This will certainly actually make youngsters want come eat their veggies for once. Via Mummy Deals

More Star wars Activities


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