Motorhead - Eddie Clarke, Lemmy and also Phil Taylor miscellaneous - 1980 Photograph: International/REX/Shutterstock
Motorhead - Eddie Clarke, Lemmy and Phil Taylor assorted - 1980 Photograph: International/REX/Shutterstock

Earlier this day I collection you the adhering to two puzzles:

1. Deck dilemma

Your friend choses at random a card from a traditional deck the 52 cards, and keeps this map concealed. You need to guess i m sorry of the 52 cards that is.

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Before her guess, you deserve to ask her friend among the following three questions:

is the card red?

is the map a face card? (Jack, Queen or King)

is the map the ace that spades?

Your friend will certainly answer truthfully. What concern would girlfriend ask that offers you the ideal chance that guessing the exactly card?

Solution It no matter. In all three cases, your possibility of guessing the correct map is 1 in 26.

It’s a wonderful tiny puzzle because the result seems so counter-intuitive. Any question about the kind of card offers you precisely the same help, i beg your pardon is to dual your possibilities of gaining the correct card.

Case 1. As soon as your girlfriend replies, girlfriend will understand if the card is red or black. There space 26 red, and also 26 black cards, so you have actually a 1 in 26 opportunity of guessing the correct one.

Case 2. Over there is a 12/52 opportunity the map is a challenge card, and a 40/52 chance it isn’t. If her friend replies that it is a face card, you have actually a 1/12 possibility of guessing the correct card, and if her friend replies the isn’t, you have actually a 1/40 chance.

Thus the probability the guessing the card as soon as it is a confront card is (12/52) x (1/12) = 1/52, and the probability of guessing the card once it isn’t is (40/52) x (1/40) = 1/52.

The in its entirety probability the guessing the card is the sum of these 2 probabilities, i m sorry is 1/52 + 1/52 = 1/26

Case 3. The same discussion applies. If the card is the ace the spades you will certainly be told this reality by your friend, and also this outcome has actually a 1/52 chance of happening. If the map isn’t the ace of spades, which has actually a 51/52 chance of happening, you must then chose 1 card from the continuing to be 51. This outcome gives you a probability of (51/52) x (1/51) = 1/52. Again, the amount of both feasible outcomes is 1/52 + 1/52 = 1/26.

2. Heart is in pieces

The image listed below is a spade. Have the right to you reduced it right into three pieces such that it is possible to reassemble the pieces and make a heart?


3.8 spade to love Photograph: alex bellosTo be clear, what you are being request to perform is this: imagine the spade is make of card. Make two cuts to the card, thus cutting it right into three pieces, and also then reassemble the pieces without overlapping so that the pieces together make the form of a heart, that is, the price of the fit of hearts. The cuts may, or may not, be directly lines.

Solution Cut together below, and also then rotate it around.


I hope you enjoyed today’s puzzles. I’ll be back in two weeks.

I collection a puzzle here every two weeks top top a Monday. I’m constantly on the look-out for great puzzles. If girlfriend would like to imply one, email me.

The an initial puzzle is adapted from simple Probability, What Every Math college student Should understand by the eminent dutch mathematician Henk Tijms. If you space interested in probability, and also want an accessible, historical take, you could enjoy the following publication by Henk’s son Steven Tijms: Chance, Logic and also Intuition: An advent to the Counter-Intuitive reasonable of Chance.

The origin of the second puzzle is either Sam Loyd or Henry Dudeney, who both released the puzzle around 100 year ago.

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I’m the author of several books of puzzles, many recently the Language Lover’s Puzzle Book. I also give college talks around maths and puzzles (restrictions allowing). If your institution is interested please obtain in touch.