The speed Glitch is among the most fantastic and weird things possible in skate 3 therefore every player will want to know how to make it work.

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Skate 3 rate Glitch
that is tough to think that Skate 3 was released an ext than 10 years ago. In spite of its age, the video game still looks and feels prefer a modern-day game. Although, console football player will need to navigate the old system interfaces. Skate 3 is an very fun game to play, and obtainable on all platforms for simply a couple of dollars. World will have actually a difficult time finding a game as enjoyable as Skate 3 for the price.

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one of the most popular exploits in the video game is the Skate 3 speed glitch. Anyone have the right to learn the speed glitch, which allows skaters to soar throughout the map. While the buttons to press are simple, gamers will need a few tips to understand the mechanics. This overview will covering everything civilization need to know to execute the perfect speed glitch.

Updated ~ above September 14, 2021 by Payton Lott: After players find out the various techniques of rate glitching in skate 3, they will require somewhere come test their skills. Skate 3's map has a number of iconic places perfect for a fine timed speed glitch. This updated guide will encompass several ideal places where gamers have the right to land the perfect trick. Speed glitches in ice skating 3 open up one endless variety of opportunities for skaters. Travel to the places at the finish of this guide to pull off the many amazing clips feasible in skate 3.

setup Up

isaac clarke ice scating 3
that is vital to collection up in the appropriate direction and place a marker before attempting the speed glitch. Gamers should always set the mite after they have thrown their board. Due to the fact that of how the glitch works, the character will be shot the end in an awkward direction. Football player will require to confront the opposite method of their intended path. Goofy footers should turn the character slightly to the left, and also regular footers need to turn contempt to the right. The monster setup and direction will certainly all make feeling once world see the glitch in-game.

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throw board (RT or R2) confront directly away from the target Turn and also move contempt to the left if Goofy OR Turn and move contempt to the chop if continuous set marker after board is thrown and also in place

first Steps

Skate 3 Player
The initial motion players will desire to practice is jumping up and also down. The default switch to run is X on Xbox and also square on PS. One of the keys to pulling off the perfect glitch is timing the optimal of the jump. The glitch will not work-related if the run is mistimed.

in ~ the optimal of the jump, gamers will need to press RB or R1. If performed effectively the character's arm have to flail while in the air. The only remaining action is to press Y or Triangle right after pressing RB/R1. The seems method too an easy for a full-fledged guide on paper, yet getting the timing down have the right to be frustrating. If pressing RB/R1 at the peak does no work, human being may have actually a far better success price if they press the button just together the skater begins to descend.

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push X/square to jump push RB/R1 in ~ the top of the jump push Y/triangle to summon the plank

Timing and also Cues

Thrasher skate 3 Bail
There room a few tells which suggest what the user is law wrong. Pushing Y too early will result in the skater simply hopping top top the board. Top top the contrary, pushing Y as well late will reason the character to bail. Players will fail a number of times prior to they can gain the timing down.

doing the glitch is favor riding a bicycle if gamers can acquire the time right. Jumping and pressing RB/R1 in ~ the height of the jump is easy, therefore the most necessary step will be summoning the board. World can use the tips above to understand whether they room pulling the plank too early or too late. The difference between a successful Skate 3 rate glitch and also failure is much less than a fraction of a second. Performing the glitch is all around feel, which will take practice to master.

Character jumps on plank without moving: Player pressed Y/triangle too beforehand Character bails and misses the landing: Player pressed Y/triangle also late

The Perfect rate Glitch

skate-3 air
If the character version pulls in the plank at the appropriate time, it will certainly send the skater right into hyperspace while walk fakie. Many of the time, the player will be going quicker than normal, i m sorry is enough to clear tiny gaps and pull turn off a couple of tricks. However, if the camera zooms away from the character model, the is a perfect Skate 3 rate glitch.

Skaters will certainly be traveling fast enough to clear unfathomable gaps across the map. Using just a small ramp or change is enough to send a skater flying into the stratosphere.

rate Glitch Alternatives

if the behind glitch is the proper means to acquire the most speed in-game, there space several different ways to speed glitch in Skate 3. The most basic of which is the cannonball rate glitch. This to be the first method uncovered when the game was released. However, there space a couple of other techniques to generate an ext speed.

Cannonball rate Glitch

to cannonball rate glitch, football player will desire to drop their board and move forward. Press A/X , then X/square quickly afterward. If holding X/square down, press up on the ideal thumbstick come cannonball. The just remaining action is to press Y/triangle prior to hitting the ground.

Drop board run Forward A/X, then immediately press X/square up on ideal thumbstick Y/triangle to summon the plank

RB/R1 speed Glitch

This Skate 3 rate glitch is choose the above technique minus the cannonball. Hold RB/R1 while pressing the various other buttons. As quickly as the ska is in the air, let go of RB and summon the board. Choose the backwards summon glitch, the character's arms will certainly raise if the timing is correct.

very same as above plus RB/R1 host RB/R1 till the skater jumps relax RB and summon the plank

High Pump rate Glitch

once players know how to speed glitch with RB/R1, they have the right to attempt the high pump rate glitch. First, human being will must figure the end which button the high pump gesture is mapped to. This will be the only extr button that demands to be pressed.

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usage the same technique as the RB/R1 glitch, but press the high pump switch on the D-pad first. Before the character's hands walk all the method up, press RB/R1. It need to look choose the skater is awkwardly hugging someone. Next, repeat the steps over to get a little more speed.

press D-pad button for high pump press RB/R1 prior to the skater's hands go all the method up Repeat RB/R1 instructions

various other Reasons Why The rate Glitch Does not Work

plenty of have reported the the glitch will certainly only occupational on simple mode, yet this appears to differ depending on the console and player. Those struggling might want to effort the glitch on basic mode. One more thing to save in mental is the frame rate upgrades from the 360/PS3 to the Xbox One/PS4.

with at least 30-60 frames on the Xbox One/PS4, it is harder to time pushing the summon button. This is because frame rounding on less than 30 fps will certainly make the sequence an ext forgiving. Trying on straightforward mode and lowering fps will make performing the glitch much more straightforward.

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finest Locations For rate Glitching

The reason people learn the speed glitch is to make use of the mechanics in game. The adhering to locations will give skaters the opportunity to pull off difficult tricks and also clear insurmountable obstacles with the Skate 3 rate glitch.

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Super-Ultra Mega-Park

There space so countless different things players can do v the speed glitch in the Mega-Park. Skaters deserve to acid drop in ~ supersonic rate from the road over the park for substantial airs. Gapping or i know good transfering from any type of of the bowls is an choice too. Gamers must head over to the area and get an innovative with their approach. The Mega-Park needs to be one of the ideal places come test the end the speed glitch.

The Canals

As many players should understand by now, there space a number of canals top top the Skate 3 map. The dam is an awesome launch pad for a speed glitch, and also seemingly every other component of the canal gift a different challenge while going exceptionally fast. Skaters deserve to air end streets and use the canal banks to string together insane combinations.

Highway Tunnels

With sufficient speed, that is actually possible to loop the highway tunnels in the game. The only way to generate sufficient speed because that the loop is a rate glitch. Similarly, any kind of loop obstacle through a smooth surface ar is perfect because that a speed glitch clip. Civilization should search around the map to try and uncover an obstacle no one has looped before.

Over The hills And over The City

without the rate glitch, players would be unable to get on top of buildings and also mountains. Skaters have the right to use a small kicker and get to practically any ar on the map with some persistence. Indigenous there, setup up top top a mountain and also speed glitching right into the fall will result in some hilarious gameplay. People will also be able to gap between the tall structures in the game using ramps and also kickers. The skate 3 rate glitch gives players an unending number of gaps, tricks, and also combos to attempt.