Back in December, goodnessknows approached me with a challenge: shot something brand-new in the very first 30 days of 2017 the helps you work towards the human you want to be.

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Basically, try something the will assist unlock your potential.

And sure, I can have preferred something small, something that would have actually helped me thrive as a human being on a daily basis. Yet I wanted to walk bigger. I want to tackle a are afraid that had been hold me earlier for a while—so I made decision to learn to do a ago flip.

So why a earlier flip?

As many of girlfriend know, I have zero gymnastics background. Due to many reasons, I’ve constantly had a are afraid of walk backwards—while ago flips and earlier handsprings come naturally to some, they’ve constantly been around the scariest thing possible for me. Even attempting to work towards a skill prefer a earlier flip is something that also just a couple of years back I would have been way too scared to even try. Ns would have thought it was impossible.

Tackling a huge fear like this is my method of proving to myself that ns don’t let mine fears control me and also that ns am solid and qualified (even if ns fail a lot).

In partnership v goodnessknows and their great snack squares, this is my journey to finding out to ago flip:

Days 1-2: discovering the Fundamentals

I present up because that my an initial back upper and lower reversal lesson nervous yet excited. Ns not sure how much we’ll get today, however I’m all set to carry out what it takes to seek my goal.

If you’ve never ever tried a back flip before, you might think the the skill is mainly about the flip. I certain did. However, ns soon learn that if you emphasis only ~ above the flip, she pretty much guaranteed to autumn on your head—something I definitely wanted come avoid.

Instead that a flip, I conveniently learn that the backflip yes, really is comprised of 2 parts: the jump and the roll.

The Jump

We emphasis on the jump component first, due to the fact that the first part that the back flip is really simply a solid right jump (swing your arms down, squat down slightly, then spring up as you swing her arms in the direction of the ceiling). I was pretty familiar with these currently when I very first started functioning on my back flip, for this reason we just did a couple of before moving on (although ns was motivated to regularly include them in mine conditioning).

Instead, we practice acquiring the correct height with mine jumps by functioning on a drill wherein I jump ago onto a mat it is a small less than shoulder-height high, then tucking my knees in. I struggle a little with the coordination at very first (never my strong point), but soon am gaining the correct type pretty consistently.

I’m a tiny surprised around how much initiative it takes, and am told the this is the lot of jump I’ll require in order to land a ago flip. Reportedly you can’t be lazy as soon as flipping!

Here’s a quick video of me demonstrating the jump:

The Roll

Next, we emphasis on the second component of the back flip: the roll. First, we do a couple of backwards roll on the floor, because a ago flip is basically the specific same movement. This is counterintuitive to a lot of world (including me) due to the fact that although once doing backwards rolls on the floor that feels relatively natural to tuck your chin in and also bring your knees up in the direction of your head to role over, the feels like it have to be a lot various when standing up.

After a few backwards rolls, we go over to the gymnastics ring to shot some was standing rolls and further obtain the movement down. Through the rings at around shoulder-height, i grab ~ above them and also roll backwards while maintaining my chin down and also landing on my feet. That feels quite intuitive, and also I have the right to see exactly how much you really just need come pull your knees in the direction of your head to finish the upper and lower reversal (rather than throwing your challenge back).

For the first pair of days i mainly emphasis on the jump and also the roll, and ending the session with a few spotted backflips ~ above the trampoline v my coach. All at once I’m quite happy through my progress, however am quiet pretty worried to try and ago flip on mine own.

Day 3: My first Back flip Attempt

After the an initial two days focusing just top top fundamentals to develop up my knowledge of the skill and boost my confidence, the time to try my first back flip without a spotter.

I heat up with some jumps and rolls, and feel pretty good about my expertise of the timing and also how lot of a run I must make the flip.

My coach spots me ~ above a pair of flips top top a greater surface (flipping top top a lower surface), and also again the feels OK.

We climate head over to the foam pit for me to try out my skills—and this is whereby it every goes wrong.

On my first attempt, I do OK. Ns didn’t jump together high together I necessary to, but got sufficient rotation to make it roughly into the pit, not landing on mine feet however not landing on mine head either. The second attempt is worse. In spite of knowing better, i jump also less, and also somehow barely even make it around. Each attempt after the gets worse and worse, till I’m thoroughly spooked and also feel choose I’m going to hit my face on the sheet of the track (which is actually kind of difficult to do).

About 5 tries in, mine coach tells me to contact it a day, and I’m feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself. Why can’t I simply do what I understand I know how to do? Why is walk backwards so tough for me? I understand the biggest trouble with mine attempts to be that i wasn’t totally committing to the jump.

If you run high enough, it’s pretty likely you’ll make it over. Yet without the jump, there’s just no hope. The most frustrating point to me to be that ns knew it no a absence of jumping strength that was holding me back—just my very own irrational fear around jumping high enough and also actually committing come the flip.

I shot and store positive, but I’m absolutely discouraged. I eat part blueberry, almond, dark coco snack squares (new smell this year! Yum!) to save my moral up as I drive home. The genuine fruit and also whole nuts in each square nestled in dark chocolate is just what I required at at only 40 calories every square is a good post-workout snack.

Day 4: Visualizing Success

I’ve been analysis a lot of lately around the power of visualization, so prior to I go into today’s lesson, i did the following:

I watched numerous videos on YouTube of people successfully doing ago flips.I closed my eyes and also pictured myself act a back flip similar to the ones I witnessed in the videos.I then tried to visualize and also actually feel myself doing the back flip, indigenous the run to the rotation come the landing.

This helped a little with my confidence, but I was still a bit nervous walking in to this lesson. My goal is to stay hopeful as lot as possible though, so whenever fearful thoughts come right into my head, I shot not to focus on them and also work on replacing them with non-fearful think (aka “I’m going come land on my head” turns right into “I understand I can jump high sufficient to do the flip”).

As usual, this lesson began off with basic warm up skills (cartwheels, roundoffs, kicks, stuff prefer that), then I spend some time jumping increase onto the mat favor before. I specifically notification that any type of time ns a small lazy jumping up i don’t make it, yet anytime I in reality jump and also commit, i make the without any problem at all.

Those go pretty well, so next up mine coach desires to walk to the huge trampoline. Ns feel a pang that nervousness but try and overlook it. The trampoline is large and soft, I’m no going to hurt myself! Still, my stress level goes increase a bit.

He goes increase on the trampoline with me, and also I start jumping. On three, he spots me as I execute the flip. That feels ok. I perform another, and notification that I’m no jumping almost as high together I was once I was jumping top top the mat, i beg your pardon is why top top the second try ns don’t rather land on my feet. Still, it’s fun and I have a large smile on mine face. My stress level goes under a little as I start to trust his spotting aid more.

After a few successful attempts v him spotting less and less, he tells me to execute it top top my very own this time. I want to freeze, to operation off the trampoline, to say I’m not ready… but I don’t. I say OK and start jumping. He speak me to walk on three. Ns jump, honestly not discovering if I will jump on three or if okay chicken out.

On three, I actually jump. Ns jumped! i tucked my legs up yet didn’t rather jump high sufficient so arrived on my knees fairly than my feet. However I did it! and didn’t soil on mine head!

At this point I’m nice excited, and feel simply a little much more confident. I shot again. I land on my feet this time! It may not have actually been the many beautiful earlier flip ever, yet I go it. Not only that, I adhered to up with five or so more before he told me to take a break. Ns can’t seem come wipe the smile off mine face.


For some people, a earlier flip top top a trampoline is no big deal. However for me, this was a vast step forward. I know I have a while prior to I’ll be able to do a ago flip ~ above the floor (my can be fried goal), however getting my first trampoline flip is a large confidence an increase for me at this suggest in my back flip journey. Plus, every shot is a action towards being her best. I’m feeling encouraged as ns leave the gym almost bouncing off the walls.

I eat some combined berry, almond, and also dark coco goodnessknows (also new this year! uncover them here) ~ above my method home since hey, time to celebrate!

Day 5: Two measures Forward, One step Back

I present up the next class ready to rock some earlier flips but the coach is noble so ns on my own today. I try, however just can’t pressure myself to run without one initial spot from mine coach. Ns can’t it seems to be ~ to gain out of my head, and also after a couple of attempts ns go earlier to working on jumping top top the mat to save up my jumping strength and conditioning.

I leave emotion a little bit deflated, but try and remain positive. ~ all, you can not expect substantial amounts of progression every single time.

Day 6: gaining Closer

I’m a little tentative today however feeling determined. Mine coach is back and after ~ a few jumps he spots me a pair of times. I quickly feel pretty confident and also keep act a bunch also after he pipeline to work-related with various other students.

I loss a few times, yet it’s no large deal and also I leave when again v a huge smile on mine face.

Day 7: acquiring There

I display up this particular day feeling reasonably calm and also confident. I warmth up and also get ideal to the trampoline, and go for it. Ns jump and count come three, and do a ago flip every by myself, no coaching notice needed!

I’m ecstatic.

I recognize it’s simply a start. I understand I still need to improve my technique and confidence prior to I’ll have the ability to do mine ultimate score of a standing back flip top top the beach.

But now I feel prefer I’ve acquired over a substantial barrier. Walking backwards by myself has always been a really, yes, really scary thing for me, and also today felt favor a major step in the ideal direction.

Fears like this have actually felt prefer they’ve held me ago my entire life. If ns can gain over this one fear—this thing that has constantly felt impossible to me—who to know what other obstacles I’ll have the ability to take on in the future?

I feel unstoppable.

Now it’s your Turn!


I expect my battles to overcome my fears and challenge myself to come to be a more powerful person have inspired you guys to take on her own large fear and better yourself in 2017.

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What carry out you want to accomplish? What large dreams or goals have actually been nagging girlfriend for some time now however seem simply a tiny too much out of reach?

It doesn’t have to be something as huge as a ago flip—but if the feels simply a little too impossible, that’s a great thing. If that scares you, the probably means it’s worth going after.

So along with goodnessknows we’re challenging you to try something new in 2017 and also share her tries by leaving a comment on our Instagram post and also tagging