How to Delete Account :- is a online Dating Website that lets that is users to develop or modify profile, include multiple pictures, browser through various other members profile and also send and also receive message messages. We have actually recently got comments on our website that members that the website desire to know how they deserve to delete your account native website permanently. After doing part research on this topic the why users space deleting their account from website we discovered that many customers who are deleting their account native the website they are receiving newsletters or mails from website which is making their inbox look spammed and other members say they discovered their rightful companion using this website so currently they not require the account no longer while other say the we are using different dating sites for this reason not need the account.

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If your reason of deleting this account is email spamming then us will recommend that you deserve to either mark the mail as spam while opened your mail or you have the right to unsubscribe from your newsletter by clicking unsubscribe switch given in ~ the bottom that the letter you received. If your factor is other 보다 i will guide you step by step an approach on how to delete her Account.


First A Little Bit about Company website is owned and operated by Cupid Plc company which is likewise owner the famous online date websites choose, and many more. Currently over there are more than 500 employees functioning in cupid plc and in 2011 the company has generated the revenue the 53.6 billion Pounds.

How to Delete Account

Currently there is two methods to delete your account native website which are given below :-

Delete your Account through Website

After login to your account click your profile PIC given at peak right side section a autumn down menu will show up then click MY SETTINGS.On My setup Page click on tab remove ACCOUNT.On Remove Account page click on button CONTINUE to continue deleting her profile.Now you will certainly be redirected stage 1 Page get in your password and continue to next stage.On phase 2 select the box “Remove mine Profile, Contact and also Personal Information Complete and Continue to next stage.On stage 3 Enter Your reason For Deleting your Account By check One Box.On stage 4 check that you desire to delete your account.On stage 5 get in your email deal with to click on Continue to end up the first phase of deleting account.After fifty percent or one hour later on you will get a cancellation password on your email to deleting your account now go to repeat the 5 stage i mention earlier and also in last step go into the cancellation password to permanently delete her account.

Delete Your Account By Sending Mail

Open your registered email account and also compose a new mail.Enter the following email resolve support
On Subject enter the line “REQUEST to DELETE mine ACCOUNT”.

PS :- prior to Sending email you must kind your screen-name and also email address in email so the assistance team will certainly verify your mail quickly.

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