Each time you usage your baseball gloves in a game, the within of it it s okay dirtier and dirtier. The hot weather, dusty infield, and your sweaty hand all combine to develop a stinky problem — yuck! To do matters worse, this sweaty concoction can damage the leather and also shorten the lifespan. To obtain the most out of your glove, the inside requirements to be cleaned regularly. However how execute you execute so? we did the study to carry you the answer.

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Follow these basic steps to clean the within of your baseball glove:

Wipe through a dry clothClean v a tenderness soapRinse v cool waterDry completelyApply a animal leather oil

We recognize that your baseball gloves is crucial to you. That’s why we’ve researched this topic and have placed together this guide to help you care for it as well as possible. For a detailed explanation of each step, to add answers to other common questions around cleaning her glove, proceed reading.

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Can You to wash A Baseball glove In The Washing Machine?

Before us begin, a word of warning: perform not attempt to clean a baseball gloves in the washing machine. Despite it could technically get “clean,” you’re likely to damages it past repair. Animal leather is not supposed to it is in soaked fully and will not dry quickly enough. Leather, as soon as it dries too slowly, shrinks and dries out.

How to Clean The within Of A Baseball Glove


Here are thorough steps for how to clean the within of her glove. This technique works because that all varieties of baseball glove interiors, consisting of leather, faux leather, and faux fur. Make certain to monitor these carefully so that your gloves is helpful for years to come. But before getting started, ensure that you have the following materials and products:

Four clean ragsMild soap (or a leather soap)Screwdriver or similar toolWarm waterCool waterGlove oil or leather conditioner

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty the cleaning your glove.

1. Wipe the down v a dried cloth

The very first step in cleaning the inside of the gloves is come wipe the down with a clean, dried cloth. This will remove any kind of excess moisture and also any surface-level dirt and also grime. Be certain to shake the gloves out for this reason that any kind of dirt that’s increase in the finger will loss out. Then, placed the rag over a driver or a similarly-shaped device and insert it right into each finger hole.

2. Clean it through gentle soap

This step needs a mild, gentle soap choose the one below. Avoid soaps with scents or certain anti-bacterial properties; you won’t require those services for this process. Mix a few drops the this soap into a key of heat water. Stir that to produce suds.

Then, dip another clean rag in the soapy water. Wring the out almost completely, then rub the within palm that the glove through the rag. Usage the driver to reach inside each finger slot.


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If you’d rather, use a soap designed for leather favor the one below. Follow the direction on the brand for finest results.


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3. Rinse with cool water

Next, get a key of cool water and a 3rd rag. Emboldened the rag in the cool water and also wring it the end completely. The goal is because that the rag to be barely damp in order come rinse off any excess soap. Cool water will aid the glove’s temperature transition gradually and not shrink the leather. Use the exact same maneuvers as over to eliminate all the soap residue.

4. Dry it completely

This is a an essential step due to the fact that leaving moisture within your gloves can reason mold and shrink the leather. Take the last rag and dry the gloves out as lot as possible. Then, leave it out in the open up in a room where air circulates well. In fact, if you have the right to place the opened in prior of a fan, that’s your best bet. This might take a mainly or more, so arrangement accordingly.

Since we understand baseball gloves shouldn’t obtain wet, numerous baseball games will stop once it’s raining heavily. Review this write-up for much more details on rain delays: Does Baseball beat In The Rain?

5. Use glove oil

Leather oil, or conditioner, is a product that helps save leather supple and also soft. This is specifically important as soon as leather gets dried out, whether it’s since you cleaned the or played ball in the rain. Anytime leather gets wet and then dries, oil or conditioner is important.

There are several leather oils and conditioners on the industry that space specifically designed because that baseball gloves. These space helpful since they don’t leave a slippery, greasy residue. For the internal of the glove, it’s finest to use a spray bottle. You have the right to spray the oil up the fingers, then obstacle it in with a rag top top a screwdriver.


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Or, follow the same principle with this gloves butter. Apply some in the palm of the glove, then use a rag to spread out it around the remainder of the area.


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If girlfriend don’t have any glove oil handy and are trying to find a an ext affordable option, petroleum jelly solves this problem, too. It’s an oil that will seal the leather’s moisture into the skin.

No matter what type, gloves oil works best when it’s rubbed in completely. Massage the inside of your glove thoroughly. Friend shouldn’t be able to feel any grease or slickness as soon as you’re done.

How frequently should you clean your baseball glove?

To acquire the most out of your baseball glove, you must wipe it under after each use. This helps dried the sweat and removes any loosened dirt from the surface. It’s basically the very first step that the process described below.

You must deep-clean your glove yearly or more often, relying on how lot you usage it. If you notice visible grit and grime in your glove, that’s a authorize to execute a deep clean, also if it’s not scheduled. A crusty palm or fingers inside the gloves is another key sign. This things have the right to shorten the glove’s lifespan.

Since the glove have to dry totally before its next use (see step 4 above) and also this could take as much as a week, make certain you won’t have to use it immediately. It can be a an excellent idea to clean it immediately after your season ends.

Looking because that a new baseball glove yet aren’t certain where come start? check out this arrival to the different species of gloves: The 4 types Of Baseball Gloves You must Know

How carry out you get mold the end of a baseball glove?

The best way to obtain mold the end of a baseball glove is to monitor the measures above. If this doesn’t eliminate the mold, it’s probably because the inside of the glove isn’t drying easily enough. To solve this, mix rubbing alcohol and water in a bowl at a one to one ratio.

Use a clean rag to obstacle the solution into the glove’s hand. Because that the hard-to-reach locations in the fingers, sheathe a driver or similar tool v the rag. Clean the entire inside part of the glove, even if you can’t see any type of mold.

Then, follow measures three to five above. The difference in this technique is the the alcohol will assist the water dry quickly. One more important action is to store your gloves in an ideal place. Save it the end in the open up in a room temperature setting. Don’t save it in ~ the bottom of your equipment bag, or any kind of other cool, dark place.

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In Closing

Your baseball glove is one of the most vital pieces of tools in her repertoire. Save it healthy and balanced by following the measures outlined above.

Make certain to store your gloves in a cool, dry location to prevent mold. Clean that regularly depending on how regularly you use it. Follow these measures so that you can make every pat on the field! great luck!