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Fashion Doll Restoration

Did you uncover some vintage Barbie dolls in ~ a garden sale or rediscover childhood prizes in your loft? possibly your daughter's Barbies are in require of a makeover.

You can give a Barbie doll a tiny attention and bring her earlier to being the thing of adoration the she was intended to be. However, if you have also the slightest uncertainty that her Barbie is rarely or valuable, then leaving the job to an expert. There are numerous doll restorers who have the right to do the job professionally, therefore if you space unsure, look for advice. I'll list some resources at the end of the article.

Barbie Cleaning and Restoration Supplies

Bowl and also lukewarm water (or usage your sink)Mild soapMild towel detergent for clothesSoft, clean towelClean, soft noodle clothsCotton wool, cotton buds and also toothpicks for acquiring into Barbie's crevicesRubbing alcoholShampoo and also conditionerSmall, doll-size, wide-toothed comb (other toy arrays such together Bratz may have these available)Torn piece of cloth around two inches large and eight inches lengthy (only vital if the Barbie's legs room bowed, bend or crooked)Liquitex acrylic paintsSmall paintbrush for emotional up facial features

Cleaning Barbie's Clothes

Before friend start, make certain to wash her hands completely to get rid of any kind of oil residue. Us all have actually natural oils in our skin, and these can damages vintage fibres, speeding up their end. Dry her hands carefully.

Give Barbie the once-over. Look at her very closely to watch what requirements attention. Very carefully, eliminate her apparel and, if they look prefer they can withstand it, provide them a very, very gentle to wash in lukewarm water with a small Castile soap liquified in it. Alternatively, friend may have actually a tenderness detergent specifically for delicate fabrics.

Rinse the doll thoroughly by immersing her in a bowl of clean, lukewarm water. Carry out not hold the garments under running water. Lay them ~ above a soft clean towel and pat to remove excess water. Allow to air dried flat.

If Barbie's apparel are in negative condition, don't wash them at all. Wrap lock in acid-free tissue and also store them in a cardboard box away indigenous a warm source. If ever before you decision to sell her, climate you'll have the original garments to go with her. In the meantime, Barbie will need a new wardrobe.


Don't put Barbie in the Bath!

Time come clean up Barbie herself. Again, utilizing mild soapy water, take it a soft cotton rag, dip a corner into the water and also gently wipe Barbie all over to eliminate the first layer of dirt. Execute not immerse her in water or that will gain into she body and also she will certainly go moldy inside (this occurred to my daughter's Bratz dolls when she take it them in the bath—they to be so smelly they had actually to be trashed). Dried her very closely with a soft cloth. This may be every she needs, but if she is quiet a mucky-pup, then it's time to go in with the difficult stuff.

Use a tiny rubbing alcohol to eliminate the remainder of the dirt. This should additionally take treatment of any pen point out (why perform dolls collection pen marks?). Usage the noodle buds and toothpicks for hard-to-reach spots like limb joints. Watch out for she face—rubbing alcohol might remove several of her make-up and/or facial features.

"Green ear" is a discoloration of a doll's ear because of a chemistry reaction between the metal in her earrings and also the material that she is make from. If your Barbie is an older one, you can get some great instructions at How to Clean Stuff.

Wash Barbie's hair through a small shampoo, repeat as necessary. Apply the conditioner and also gently comb she hair to remove tangles. Rinse fine under gently-running lukewarm water. Air dried then style as girlfriend wish.


Restoring Barbie to Perfection

Hold Barbie vertically in front of you. Revolve her in every directions and scrutinize she legs because that straightness. If she is a bit "crook," there's one easy way to straighten those pins.

Use your lengths that soft towel to tie she legs with each other tightly at the thighs, knees and ankles. Organize her foot in very hot water because that a few minutes and also they have to straighten out. Repeat a couple of times if necessary. Remember, don't immerse her over her hip/leg joints or she'll take on water.

Should Barbie have lacking limbs, then cannibalize other unwanted dolls because that spare parts. Obtain out your Liquitex acrylics and also teeny-tiny brush and also very, very carefully repaint any damaged or lacking facial features. If you get it wrong, conveniently wipe away through a cloth and warm water. If repainting her face is too difficult then allow her go make-up free.

Now you can dress her in she original apparel if they space in great condition. Otherwise, why no buy her a brand-new outfit—she deserves it!

Can girlfriend Remember Barbie Facts?

For every question, select the ideal answer. The answer vital is below.

Barbie was originally motivated by a German doll popular with middle-aged men - True or False?TrueFalseWhat is Barbie's center name?SuzannaMatildaGenevieveMillicentWhen did Barbie and Ken separation up?199820042007They have actually never split up.Barbie is banned where?Saudi ArabiaEgyptIranGreat BritainAustraliaAll that the aboveA mint, boxed Barbie sold on eBay in 2004 for how much?$1,929.35$3552.50$5,771.51$974.91

Answer Key

TrueMillicent2004Saudi Arabia$3552.50

Questions & Answers

Question: How have the right to I remove bubbles that look prefer zits on Barbie's face?

Answer: the sounds prefer your Barbie's challenge is de-laminating. Friend can try piercing the bubbles and pressing gently, but I suspect she might be past repair.

Question: What type of adhesive sticks ~ above the top of Barbies? I should glue a cracked neck on 1960s doll.

Answer: shot a small amount that rubber cement or, if friend are really careful, you could use an inexpensive pyrography (wood burning) device to melt the cracked area and also then push it ago together. The pyrography device comes with miscellaneous attachments and also one or two are very thin choose needles which would certainly be ideal.

Question: just how do i clean a Barbie doll through a stained face?

Answer: once you've make the efforts the suggestions provided in the article and also Barbie is still stained, shot a cotton bud and a tiny rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, gently obstacle a tiny undiluted dish soap on her confront with her finger. Wait for 3 minutes and then wipe off. Wipe again with a clean wet cloth.

Question: How can I fix Barbie's loosened waist?

Answer: You may not be able to tighten her waist without replacing she bottom half altogether with another doll. Gently view if she will certainly come apart. If not, then you might try fixing she in ar permanently with a dab that plastic cement or appropriate glue. An additional solution may be to very carefully use a heat tool (such together a pyrography tool) come 'rough up the plastic of she waist to make it much more grippy. You'd have to obtain someone to host her for this reason the share is exposed a little.

Question: What removes ink indigenous a Barbie's body?

Answer: as it says in the article, most types of ink can be gotten rid of with a little rubbing alcohol.

Question: I have actually 5 Barbie dolls, and their head skin tones don't complement the body skin ton at all. Have the right to it it is in fixed?

Answer: any type of chance you might have the ability to swap the heads roughly to make slightly much better matches? together the doll color is based on the tone of the material its make of, there's not a many you deserve to do. Friend might try experimenting through a tiny well-diluted bleach in a discreet area to check out if it provides a difference.

Question: What removes ink ~ above Barbies face?

Answer: try a noodle bud dipped in rubbing alcohol to eliminate pen marks. If that doesn't work, shot to identify what kind of ink it is and also do a find on exactly how to eliminate that specific ink. Begin with the gentlest removal procedures first.

Question: bought a #3 blonde Barbie at a thrift shop. She has actually her ponytail and also bangs reduced off. Deserve to she be fixed?

Answer: she hair have the right to be rewoven by a expert doll restorer. Together she is, she's no worth anything much - usually what who is prepared to pay because that her. In original, mint problem she may be worth approximately $300 - $400. Revitalized dolls don't usually market for as much.

Question: can a 90's era Barbie with a sticky soft vinyl challenge be cleaned?

Answer: If the surface has started to rest down, then no, ns wouldn't try it. If that looks like it can hold up, just try a tiny tiny test spot v a cotton bud, as per the direction above.

Question: I have a 1961 Barbie with a ponytail, and her hair is stubborn solid v hairspray. What have the right to I usage to soften it?

Answer: organize your Barbie upside down and also immerse her hair right into a small tub of lukewarm water with a little mild dish soap and also a touch of cloth softener. Gently massage her hair through your fingers until it starts to loosen. Repeat, if necessary, and rinse thoroughly.

Question: just how do I use blush to a barbie's cheeks again?

Answer: usage acrylic repaint and very carefully rub on a small amount of the required shade through a cotton bud. Do numerous trial runs on card first.

Question: How finest should ns clean a doll's challenge without removed the hair dye?

Answer: If you are referring to her eye-brows, just follow the instructions over and clean her confront with really mild soapy water. She actual hair isn't dyed, so friend don't need to worry about that.

Question: how do I eliminate highlight marker stains?

Answer: see if there are any kind of directions ~ above the highlighter packaging or on the manufacturer's website. If it states that the highlighter octopus is water soluble, you can clean with a damp cloth and also a little mild soap. If it is solvent based, then you will should moisten a fabric or paper towel v a small amount that rubbing alcohol or hairspray. Wipe carefully and then again with plain water.

Question: What sealant need to I use once I'm excellent painting very early vintage Barbie?

Answer: ns wouldn't use any kind of sealant over acrylic paint. The will readjust the shade of the paint and may damage the doll. It's better to simply touch increase the paint once necessary.

Question: do the efforts to fix a broken hip/leg joint on a vintage talk Barbie. I got the damaged piece the end of her hip. What kind of glue deserve to I usage to reattach the damaged piece?

Answer: If the joint is metal, you might need to solder it v a crafter's soldering kit. I've never ever tried this for this reason can't help you further, however, I uncovered this site which details how to fix a broken shoulder joint.


Question: How can I remove sticky native Barbie's legs and arms?

Answer: If the actual surface ar of the limbs room breaking down, all you can do is replace them by taking limbs from one more doll. If the stickiness is miscellaneous else, then follow the steps for gently cleaning as offered above.

Question: I have BTS Idol dolls and their deals with are getting dark from skin oils. I've supplied Dawn, but it's no removing dark stains on your noses. Execute you have any kind of tips?

Answer: these dolls may be made from a different material than vintage Barbies therefore I advise you to call the manufacturers, either in writing or via their social media pages.

Answer: girlfriend might shot a light application of talc or also corn starch. The will assist the garment slide on much more easily.

Question: found decades-old Barbie v soiled clothes; vintage and also hand-made by mine mother, are these for sure to wash?

Answer: just you deserve to make the decision. The point is, they room not an extremely nice in their existing soiled state, therefore I would certainly think the is worth the risk. A small amount that pure soap (check for included chemicals) and blood temperature water. Gently push each garment separately under the soapy water. Squeeze and also relax a couple of times then immerse in clean lukewarm water to rinse. You might need to repeat it.

Question: How deserve to I deal with cracks top top Barbie's face?

Answer: her Barbie's plastic may be breaking down, i.e. Biodegrading. However, there is an epoxy glue that might aid - it's called Kwik Plastic through JB Weld. Ask at your regional hardware store. I believe there's a clear variation that might be suitable. If girlfriend can't get hold of it, then ask for a comparable epoxy glue.

Question: Why does mine Tropical Tan Skipper have spots?

Answer: It relies if these space spots the have developed because of a fault in Skipper's manufacture, or if lock have arisen through some accidental spillage. If you room unable to clean she by normal means, climate you probably won't have the ability to remove them at all.

Question: I have a 3ft tall Barbie who has actually a broken leg from inside hip, how can I fix it?

Answer: If you have the right to remove the leg, friend may be able to see just how to repair it. I have actually no suffer with big Barbie, so you might need to have her repaired professionally.

Question: have the right to you straight me come a UK doll restorer who deserve to re-string my 1970’s ‘Living Barbie’?

Answer: girlfriend might shot Margaret's Doll World: https://www.margaretsdollworld.co.uk/

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Barbies... Love 'em or hate 'em?

Bev G (author) indigenous Wales, UK ~ above July 11, 2020:

Hi Pyper,

Could you follow the advice given in the article and see if that works?

Let me know how it goes.

Pyper on July 11, 2020:

Hi! therefore I acquired a bunch of vintage Barbie dolls from a garden sale. I got two Tutti and also Todd dolls because that a very cheap price. Yet the problem is over there is blue marks anywhere their bodies. I have actually no idea on how to obtain these stains off. Any suggestions?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 13, 2019:

Hi Linda, if it's really beyond all hope, I suggest cutting the hair off together close come Barbie's head as possible. Use a solvent (you must, should test this what unobtrusive first) to clean off the adhesive as ideal you can. Ns can't advise you what to usage as I've never ever tried this procedure.

Then act Barbie to a wig of her choice. I had actually a look and there room lots on ebay. You have to make sure you select 'dolls and also teddies' category.

linda wille top top December 13, 2019:

Is there any type of hope for the 'glue heads' ? I have tried everything to clean the hair however it only gets worse. Currently I understand to pinch the head prior to I purchase one native a thrift store...if the is difficult as a rock i dont buy the if the hair is already a mess.

Bev G (author) indigenous Wales, UK on march 31, 2019:

I don't think over there is lot you can do without destroying their style. If you have the right to bear to, girlfriend could try gently washing one very carefully with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Barbara Shandy on in march 30, 2019:

I have actually several 1960s platinum bubblecuts the their white hair has oxidized to a reddish blonde. What come do?

Francene on February 01, 2019:

I have my initial Barbie (bubble reduced hair) & Ken doll native the 60’s. The white garments is DINGY.

Bev G (author) native Wales, UK top top April 11, 2018:

Hi Judy, I'm in the UK, so i would check out thrift shops, and sales, favor garage sales, etc. Everywhere where human being sell second-hand stuff.

Judy Johnsen top top April 10, 2018:

Where can I uncover old Barbie's for sale to deal with up and sell?

Bev G (author) native Wales, UK on march 24, 2018:

I'm not certain but ns think stainless steel would be fine, Dorothy.

Dorothy in LW on in march 24, 2018:

I would choose to recognize if a stainless stole screw would reason a difficulty when solving a vintage Barbie's neck post. Ns am having actually trouble finding the plastic screw.

Bev G (author) native Wales, UK on march 19, 2016:

Thanks for her comment, mythbuster. Happy to have actually saved Barbie from a drowning :)

mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You decide on march 19, 2016:

Great tips for restoring Barbie dolls with care instructions I'd never ever know around otherwise - favor not immersing the doll in water come clean. I constantly saw Barbie in the bathtub as a kid, so I'd have tossed the doll instantly into a bin that water to clean, had I not viewed this hub.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK top top December 13, 2015:

Thanks because that the tip, Nikki :)

NikkiGold top top December 12, 2015:

Try using towel conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner - doll hair is closer to a fabric than hair and also the cloth conditioner will certainly soften and also tame frizz much better :)

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on may 21, 2012:

Thank you, GoodLady & Brenda :)

Treasures by Brenda from Canada on might 21, 2012:

You've produced a an excellent resource because that eBay sellers. I'm off to share the on my facebook page, treasures By Brenda.

Penelope Hart from Rome, Italy on may 21, 2012:

Fascinating and also really cute reading. I didn't think I preferred Barbies it rotates I review this lovely Hub, maybe because my boys wanted cars or dinosaurs. Now I'm walking to obtain one because that my cool daughter and also start a collection.

Voting up! and beautiful.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on may 21, 2012:

Thanks, Brainy Bunny. Evaluate your hair-fixing tip. Xx

Brainy Bunny from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania on may 21, 2012:

These are good tips, return I've discovered it less complicated to solve my Barbie dolls' hair by spraying that lightly through water and then combing carefully, fairly than providing them an yes, really shampoo (especially if I'm trying come replicate an initial hairdo).