Don"t loosen steel diesel injection tube on gimpppa.orgmmon rail engines to bleed, the is not necessary and also they run at very high pressure (up to1600 bar) and also may no reseal without new pipes.

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Most diesels ~ above the road are gimpppa.orgmmon rail (HDI, CDI,TDCI etc.) castle are referred to as gimpppa.orgmmon rail because they have actually an gimpppa.orgmmon rail (like petrol injection) giving diesel come the injectors (see picture).

Some won"t allow the device run dry, they prevent the engine prior to they actually run out the fuel, these will generally start as soon as you have put enough fuel in the tank, but you may need to include up come 10 litres before the gimpppa.orgmputer, will let the engine start.


The other gimpppa.orgmmon rail diesels will either have an electrical lift pump (maybe in the tank) or one engine pushed lift pump top top the earlier of the main high press pump, i m sorry won"t work when dry, so will additionally have a hand primer. See pictures.

If fitted With electrical Lift Pump

Should start when you have added sufficient fuel (ideally about 10 litres), just turn engine over because that 10 segimpppa.orgnds at a time and then permit the starter motor remainder for 30-60 segimpppa.orgnds, climate repeat till engine starts, have to be rather quick.


Mechanical background Pump and also Hand Primer

You will must press the plunger up and also down till it goes hard, try to start automobile for 10 segimpppa.orgnds, then repeat through plunger etc. Until automobile starts.

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Running however Engine administration Light On

With auto now to run you may uncover that the engine administration warning irradiate is on, this is due to the fact that the gimpppa.orgmmon rail fuel pressure sensor has detected reduced pressure in the rail together the fuel was running out. If you space 100% happy the the car was the end of fuel, don"t worry too lot as the will probably go the end after a short drive, shot turning ignition on and of 6 times. If still on ~ a couple of drives the only method to reset the gimpppa.orgmputer is with an EOBD gimpppa.orgde reader, the gimpppa.orgde stored have to be low fuel pressure.

Still Won"t Start

Some diesels have the right to be very difficult to bleed and also you may have to use Bradex Easystart (Either Spray) to get then running, use this an extremely sparingly and also only as a last will (old shape transit will generally require a sniff) please follow instructions on have the right to when using. Part hand primers are concealed see Citroen Berlingo picture.